Apps for iOS, macOS, Android and Windows

16th of June 2017

The fastest FTP client for the Mac

As a web developer, webmaster and other user who wants to exchange data on a server and from there to the Mac or between two servers, you naturally need a reliable FTP client. But which client, which FTP program, [...]
6th of June 2017

Affinity Photo iPad App: Image editing under iOS 10.3+ / iOS 11

Serif from Great Britain has been causing a sensation since 2015 with Affinity Photo, a very good Photoshop alternative - first on the Mac with macOS, then in 2016 on Windows on PC and now as an iPad app for iOS. [...]
31. May 2017

Google Translate: Translate photo or camera recording in real time via the app

The Google Translate app not only translates text that has been entered, handwritten on the display and spoken, but also the text on a photo, an image or in real time using the [...]
22. May 2017

Remote Mouse App Test: Smartphone as mouse and keyboard

With the Remote Mouse App for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile as well as macOS and Windows you can turn your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or tablet into a mouse and keyboard for Mac, MacBook, PC and laptop for free [...]
22. May 2017

Usage: Mac app for recording program usage

With the Usage App for the Apple Mac (macOS 10.9 or higher) you can record your program usage to see how much time you devote to which software. If you work on a Mac or MacBook, then [...]
18. May 2017

Everything about Snapchat - what's the app all about?

Snapchat is an app for iOS and Android made for sending photos temporarily. In the meantime, however, Snapchat for iPhone and Android smartphones has become a jack of all trades, [...]
12. May 2017

Enigma for iPhone and Mac: Encrypt messages and text securely

If you want to encrypt messages that you send in WhatsApp, iMessage and Co via iPhone, iPad and Mac, then you should take a look at the Enigma. History lovers among you know: there is no other machine [...]
10. May 2017

Digitize and touch up photos: iOS apps and other options

Digitize photos, touch up, bring back faded colors and once only digitally archive paper images - you can do this either by scanning them on Mac and PC, or using apps for iOS and Android. Who photos [...]
8. May 2017
Old smartphone data on a new memory stick

Convicted of old data on new USB sticks

If you buy a new USB stick, there may be leftover data on it that are illegal in an emergency. It may well be that someone has illegal material on his USB stick that he himself did not put on it [...]
4. May 2017

Bypass DVD copy protection: copy film despite protection - is that legal?

Bypassing DVD copy protection is not difficult with the right software; however, the question remains whether ripping the DVD is legal despite copy protection. Because for no reason the conversion from DVD film [...]