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3. May 2017
Mac 2 imgur Screenshot Upload Automatically share screenshots

Share Mac screenshots with the Mac2imgur app

Mac2imgur has been available in the latest build on GitHub since April 2017 and therefore for Apple Mac and MacBook from macOS 10.9 (or OS X 10.9) in the latest version. With Mac2imgur you automatically share or [...]
April 26, 2017
Block contacts on WhatsApp on iOS iPhone from Apple

Block WhatsApp contact on iPhone and Android

Yesterday the Sir Apfelot blog was about funny, interesting WhatsApp status sayings that match the mood; now it's about how to block a WhatsApp contact. Because even if you [...]
April 25, 2017
Setting WhatsApp status sayings

WhatsApp Status: Sayings for every situation

The WhatsApp status, a refuge for important brief information, funny little jokes, sharing links or, very importantly, a virtual please do not disturb! to send out. How you set up your WhatsApp status and what it [...]
April 21, 2017
Copy DVD Mac, Rip Movie to Hard Drive, Rip DVD, Rip DVD Mac, MacBook, Free App, Free Software Download

Rip DVD on Mac: Create DVD images under OS X and macOS with the Handbrake app

If you want to rip a DVD on your Mac, i.e. copy it to the hard drive, the Handbrake app for OS X and macOS will help you - you can use it to record films and series from the
April 19, 2017
GIF Maker App free free free Mac software Create GIFs from Photo Video MOV MP4 Download App Store MacBook

Create animated GIF with Mac software: GIFMaker, GIFfun and GIF Brewery + Download

If you want to create an animated GIF with Mac software, then I have the right thing for you here: the Mac apps GIFMaker, GIFfun and GIF Brewery including download and description. With these Mac programs you can [...]
April 14, 2017
VLC Download, VideoLAN VLC Media Player Mac Download, iOS App, MacBook, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, VLC mobile for smartphone and tablet

VideoLAN VLC Player Download for Mac, MacBook, iPhone and iPad

The VLC Player is a real all-rounder for playing multimedia files, streaming content, receiving Internet radio, converting videos, music and other files, opening exotic files and so on. Usually the answer to [...]
April 7, 2017
With a program extension, you have immediate access to your desired photo editing software such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Affinity Photo or similar.

Workaround: Connect Apple photos to Photoshop using drag and drop

How nice it used to be when you could click photos from Apperture or iPhoto and then drag them to the Photoshop icon in the dock. Schwups the selected photo was opened in the favorite photo editor. With "Apple [...]
April 7, 2017
If you have an AVM router or a Fritz Box and the FRITZ! Box USB remote connection program, you can connect a USB printer to the device so that it can be used wirelessly from the computer via WLAN.

Set up FRITZ! Box USB remote connection: Use USB printer with Fritz Box

If you have an AVM router or a Fritz Box and the FRITZ! Box USB remote connection program, you can connect a USB printer to the device so that it can be used wirelessly from the computer via WLAN [...]
April 6, 2017
Photolemur 2: automatic photo enhancer in the test

Photolemur 2 for the Mac: Automatic and intelligent photo enhancement in the test

A while ago, version 1 of Photolemur made a few waves because it was able to convince with surprisingly good results. Now the developers have given me (and a few other beta testers) before the sales start [...]
April 4, 2017
Download chess clock app iOS Apple Download Jenga Classic Hasbro Amazon Prime

Chess clock Jenga and other great lightning games with the iPhone

In the past, when games were played on the table instead of on the tablet, games like Jenga, Das verrückte Labyrinth, Monopoly and the like were an integral part of every household. If you still have a Jenga game [...]