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30. March 2017
Sports heatmaps Germany Austria Switzerland, sports maps Germany Austria Switzerland, jogging, cycling, running, inline skating in a foreign city, popular paths, occupancy

Sports Heatmaps For Jogging And Biking: Where Do Most People Run And Cycle?

Sports Heatmaps for running, jogging, cycling, inline skating and the like are useful if you want to find out where you can do sports in the region or in a foreign city. In addition to frequently used routes and routes [...]
27. March 2017
Ice Hockey iOS App Games

Hockey as an iOS app: The best 5 ice hockey games for iPhone and iPad

In addition to many practical and useful iOS apps, there are also a lot of games for entertaining entertainment; not only soccer games, but also hockey and ice hockey games for iPhone and iPad. I did a little research and [...]
24. March 2017
Soccer Apps iPhone Download Apple App Store Free Free Free Play Soccer Manager

You have to be 11 apps: The best soccer games for iPhone and iPad

Soccer apps for iOS represent the extension of a passion of many people in the virtual mobile world of iPhone and iPad. If you are looking for entertaining, challenging and sophisticated soccer apps for the [...]
21. March 2017
Google Guetzli JPEG Encoder 35% smaller files with good quality, reduce JPEG size make them smaller, maintain quality, fewer artifacts

Google biscuit: A biscuit that reduces the storage size of JPEG images by 35%

Less than a week ago, Google introduced a new tool called Guetzli; this is an encoder for JPEG files whose memory size should be reduced with as little loss of quality as possible. By the way, biscuits are [...]
15. March 2017
Spooks Audiobooks & Radio Play Spotify Apple Music Deezer Napster iOS Android Download Download Download

Spooks: Find audiobooks on Apple Music, Deezer, Napster and Spotify

With the music streaming services Apple Music, Deezer, Napster and Spotify you will also find audio books and radio plays; however, the search for it can take a while, which the creators of the Spooks app know. Because audio books and radio plays have long been [...]
13. March 2017
WeTransfer Mac App MacBook Widget Download download free download Mac App Store software program for OS X macOS We Transfer Plus

WeTransfer on Mac menu bar: Send large files via email and messenger

WeTransfer is a service for data exchange / file sharing on the Internet, which can be used as an app on the menu bar of OS X and macOS as a fast service for uploading large files; [...]
13. March 2017
SetApp Apple Mac full versions free download free subscription subscription programs for MacBook without ads

SetApp - program flat rate for the Mac with subscribed apps at a fixed price

SetApp is a Mac app that brings you programs as a full version by subscription, so that you always have the software you need ready at a fixed price - without high-priced suites, without demo version, without annual fees and [...]
10. March 2017
AirPlay Alternative Download AirParrot Download Download Demo Full Version Price App for Mac before 2011 2010

AirParrot 2: AirPlay from Mac to Apple TV also for older Macs (before 2011)

Stream the screen from the Mac to the Apple TV or another device with AirPlay, this only works with Apple Mac computers from the models Mid 2011; with AirParrot 2 but also through older Apple [...]
9. March 2017
Instagram Downloader free, 4K Stogram, download images from Instagram, save download, download videos from Instagram

4K Stogram App for Mac and PC: Download and save pictures from Instagram

Downloading pictures or videos from Instagram and saving them on the Mac or PC is actually not possible by default; With the 4K Stogram app from the software company 4K Download, saving Instagram content is no problem [...]
8. March 2017
1Password app download, guide, instructions, set up master password for all accounts, Mac, iPhone, iOS

1Password App: One master password for all applications, websites, apps and more

With the 1Password app you set a master password with which you can secure all other passwords for user accounts, online accounts, access to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Amazon and so on. The registration on this [...]