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2. March 2017
Use WhatsApp Web on Mac, MacBook, PC, Laptop, iPad. Receive and write WhatsApp Messenger messages under OS X, macOS or Windows.

WhatsApp Web: Use Messenger on iPad, Mac, PC and Co.

If you have WhatsApp installed on your iPhone or Android smartphone, but also want to use Messenger on the iPad, Mac, PC or the like, WhatsApp Web will help you. With WhatsApp Web you have [...]
1. March 2017
WhatsApp statistics, how many messages were sent, how much data files were sent, overview in Whatsapp, instructions, where can I see how many messages I have sent?

WhatsApp statistics: You have already sent / received so many messages and data!

If you want to call up WhatsApp statistics on your iPhone or Android smartphone to see how many messages you have already sent and received, then this is the right article for you. However, there are [...]
28. February 2017
Block Spotify Ads Ad Blocker, Mute Ads in Spotify, Spotifree Download for Free Free Premium

Spotifree Mac App: Automatically mute Spotify ads

If you use Spotify for free and the commercials annoy you, there are various ad blockers and other apps that hide the Spotify advertisements. But now it is the case that Spotify is only offering its program for free [...]
24. February 2017
Spotify for free compared to Spotify Premium for iOS and macOS, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, MacBook, download and guide

Spotify free and premium in comparison: Are the costs for the app worth it?

For the iPhone, iPad and Mac you can download, install and use Spotify for free. But why is there also the option to purchase Spotify Premium for a fee? What are the advantages? In this article […]
22. February 2017
ForkLift 3 Mac App Download, Apple MacBook, macOS, Finder Alternative, File Management on Mac, Download Fork Lift

Finder alternative ForkLift 3 is out: Mac file manager from BinaryNights in a new version

The Finder under Mac OS X and macOS may be too inflexible for some of you and the additional functions you need are located in various paid apps; thanks to the ForkLift 3 app from BinaryNights [...]
21. February 2017
EXIF data read out, edit, output, photo, image processing metadata on the Apple Mac or MacBook

EXIF App and Bulk Photo Watermark: Read out and process metadata from photos on the Mac

If you edit digital photos on the Apple Mac and want to read out and process the EXIF ​​data of numerous images there, then there is special software for this in the Mac App Store. In addition to the possibility of EXIF ​​data [...]
17. February 2017
During the training you can see in the video how the exercise is carried out and in addition you can see the remaining time of the workout at the top left, a thin, red progress bar at the bottom and at the top right at the red point you can see how many are still pending for exercises with repetitions.

Asana Rebel Yoga App in the test: My experience with the virtual yoga trainer

I've been talking about yoga for a good four years. I had a herniated disc back then, which I stupidly suffered when I was just removing the box from my brand new 27 inch iMac from [...]
17. February 2017
What is Freifunk? How does open WLAN work, interference liability.

What is Freifunk? How does the community network work?

Perhaps you have already heard of Freifunk or the concept of a wireless network through communities. In this post I would like to get to the bottom of this and show you what Freifunk [...]
17. February 2017
Download Space Invaders App for watchOS 3 and iOS, Download Invaders mini for Apple Watch, Download App Store for iPhone. Play Space Invaders on iPhone. Free, free.

Space Invaders App for watchOS: Retro Game on the Apple Watch

Do you want to download the retro game Space Invaders as an app for the Apple Watch? Nothing easier than this! Because from the developer Virtual GS there is a clone of the arcade classic for the Smartwatch from Apple; [...]
14. February 2017
mp3Gain under OS X Yosemite, MP3gain normalize mp3, adjust music, adjust volume and normalize with dB Mac

mp3Gain - normalize the volume of MP3 files

The Mac app mp3Gain or mp3 Gain takes care of the normalization of your mp3 files without much effort, so that they are all equally loud and you are not constantly louder in playlists with different albums and sources [...]