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13. February 2017
WLAN Scanner Mac, Wifi Scanning MacBook, App, App Store, buy, order, download, free program for WLAN analysis

WLAN scanner for the Mac: Wifi Explorer and NetSpot Mac App

You are looking for a WiFi scanner for Mac and MacBook to check the WiFi signal in your house, apartment, office, co-working space, Airbnb apartment or elsewhere or to check the wireless network on [...]
7. February 2017
Ventusky Wind and Weather 2017 mobile website weather forecast on map with visualization waves temperature

Ventusky: Call up wind and weather meteorologically precisely via (mobile) website

Ventusky is a website of the Czech meteorological company InMeteo, which shows, with its website, weather conditions, temperatures, wind, precipitation, air pressure and many other data in real time. Data can be called up worldwide - from any location [...]
6. February 2017
iOS PIN, Android unlock code, overcome, safe, security, what's more secure, iPhone, Android smartphone, unauthorized use

Which is more secure: 9-point unlocking pattern for Android or 6-digit PIN for iPhone (iOS)?

Under iOS you can secure your iPhone, iPad and so on with a PIN of 6 digits, under Android you can set an unlocking pattern of 9 connection points. But which method is safer and why? In […]
3. February 2017
Pikka Color Picker Copy color selection to clipboard Pikka Mac App Dowload free download color code

Pikka for the Mac: cross-app pipette tool with clipboard

If you are looking for an alternative to the DigitalColor Meter on the Mac, which can put the selected color directly on the clipboard, then you might like the Pikka app. The so-called Color Picker by Ruslan Sayfutdinov [...]
25. January 2017
Toontastic 3D kids app download iOS iPhone iPad Android smartphone tablet

Toontastic 3D: iOS app for children and their video ideas

The Google app Toontastic 3D is an app for Android and iOS that was released in 2017, with which children can convert their own stories with 3D animations into a video. In the App Store you can download Toontastic 3D for free [...]
24. January 2017
TitanPad Alternative 2017 2018 Dropbox Paper, Google Paper, Apple Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iWork via iCloud, Google Drive

(Updated) Alternatives to Etherpad and TitanPad: Apple Pages, Google Docs, Dropbox Paper and Co

TitanPad, like Etherpad, is (has been) a very nice web tool to edit documents together with others; simultaneously, with comments and locally independent. Since TitanPad announced in November 2016 that the service would be tight [...]
23. January 2017
Apps for Refugees: These apps are (often) used by refugees to get information and to communicate. (Image source: Play Store)

Futurezone shows which apps refugees use - for escape, communication and understanding

On the Austrian website there is a comprehensive article that shows which apps refugees use on the run, for communication with the family and for understanding in the asylum country. The article was written by [...]
11. January 2017
REFOG keylogger software for the Mac

REFOG Keylogger Software for Mac: Record keystrokes, websites visited and chats

The REFOG company provides you with a keylogger for Apple Mac devices that records keystrokes, websites visited, chat processes, programs used and so on. The keylogger program not only works on the Mac, but also [...]
9. January 2017
Etcher Download Image to USB Stick Burn SD Card Mac program download free for free

Image files on SD card and USB stick: Etcher from for Mac

The Mac program Etcher helps you to burn system images - i.e. image files - on an SD card or a USB stick under OS X or macOS. The first for internal use by [...]
6. January 2017
Instagram iOS iPhone 7 Plus color spectrum update

Further color spectrum on Instagram for photos of the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus

Shortly after the Apple Keynote 2016, Instagram announced that the app would soon support the wider color spectrum of the iPhone 7 (Plus) cameras and displays. With the last updates, these and other innovations have now been [...]