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30. November 2016
In the login window you can see your own ID and password on the left (made unrecognizable here) and on the right you can enter the data of a remote Mac in order to connect to it.

TeamViewer download for the Mac: free remote maintenance under macOS

For many years I've been in my circle of friends, so to speak, the private Apple support hotline if someone has problems with the Mac. Because of the good operating system and the good hardware on Apple computers, this happens quite seldom, [...]
21. November 2016
apple swift learn to program apps yourself ios watchos write programs yourself

Learn Swift: program iOS and macOS apps yourself

The Swift programming language introduced by Apple in 2014 has been available in its third version since WWDC 2016. If you want to learn Swift and program apps for iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, Linux and the like yourself, you can [...]
17. November 2016

Do I need antivirus software on the Mac or MacBook?

Mac and MacBook have developed from niche and hipster products to mainstream articles, which of course also makes Apple devices attractive targets for hackers, viruses, malware, ransomware, adware and the like. Therefore the question is whether [...]
14. November 2016
affinity photo photoshop windows beta download comparison test

Affinity Photo Public Beta for Windows and Photoshop in comparison (+ download link)

On Thursday, November 10, 2016, I received an email from Serif that the public beta version of Affinity Photo for Windows was now available for free download. I had signed up for the corresponding newsletter, [...]
7. November 2016
apple wlan test wifi app ios free free download

WiFi SpeedTest app: test and improve WiFi for free with iPhone and iPad

Check the home or public WiFi for download speed and upload rates, deal with problems in the same app and have everything clearly displayed: this is possible with the WiFi SpeedTest app from EVGENY BOGOMOLOV. The app for Apple devices [...]
5. November 2016
Here I tested my internal hard drive (SSD) in the MacBoo Pro Retina 2012 - a rather lame pickle compared to the new MacBook Pro.

Hard drive benchmark tool for the Mac: AJA System Test measures hard drive speed

For my blog I test devices of all kinds - headphones, cameras, laptop bags, chargers, USB sticks, memory cards - or even hard drives. In order to make an objective statement about an SSD or HDD, the hard drive speed is [...]
16. October 2016
E-mail backup solution for the Mac: Horcrux.

Horcrux: IMAP email backup on Mac made easy

Lately it has happened now and then that I had to move the email accounts for customers when changing hosting. The whole procedure can actually be solved "by hand" with Apple Mail, [...]
10. October 2016
Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner software with problems under macOS Sierra

Compatible again: ScanSnap update for macOS Sierra available

As I recently reported, there are problems when using the ScanSnap software from Fujitsu on a Mac under macOS Sierra. For this reason, I have so far refrained from updating to macOS Sierra. [...]
7. October 2016
samsung viv labs apple siri google pixel ai artificial intelligence

Battle of the intelligences: Samsung buys Viv; and with it the knowledge of Siri?

Shortly after Siri's 5th birthday, it became known: the Korean technology company Samsung has bought Viv Labs, the successor to Siri Inc. that made Apple's voice assistant possible in the first place. After last [...]
6. October 2016
Icon ask Sir Apfelot

iTunes and App Store: How to return apps and cancel purchases

You have loaded a faulty app, the downloaded song is not the correct version or the film will not play under any circumstances? Then you don't have to pay for these media [...]