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23. September 2016
Swift tutorial videos on YouTube are from Martin Lexow on the IXEAU channel

Free Swift tutorial videos on YouTube - Interview with Martin Lexow from IXEAU

The Apple programming language Swift is a good introduction for anyone who wants to learn to program. As mentioned at this year's Apple Keynote by Tim Cook, Swift will also be used in schools around the world as part of the ConnectED program [...]
12. September 2016
Sir Apfelot Dashbutton - Amazon Dash Button

Amazon Dash Button: Reorder consumables at the push of a button

The Amazon Dash Button is currently a hotly debated novelty from the largest Internet mail order company in the world. "Useful or just a way into a society that is completely cut off from retail?" Some people ask when asked about Amazon's Dash Button [...]
7. September 2016
apple keynote 2016 iphone 7 iphone 7 plus post picture

Apple Keynote 2016: Data on the iPhone 7, AirPods and Apple Watch Series 2

Today, on September 7, 2016, the long-awaited Apple Keynote took place, which brings out a new iPhone every September. This time we could see the presentation of the new iPhone 7. In addition, new [...]
5. September 2016
playbrush brushing teeth kids app toothbrush game

Playbrush: The toothbrush as a game controller for child-friendly tooth brushing

The Playbrush attachment for commercially available toothbrushes is intended to make brushing teeth more attractive for children. The cone-shaped game controller communicates with the smartphone via Bluetooth, and the movements of the toothbrush show a [...]
26. August 2016
Commerzbanking made easy

Online banking with the Commerzbank app: Commerzbanking via smartphone

With mobile solutions such as the Commerzbank app, online banking has become child's play in recent years; the term Commerzbanking has already established itself among users. And both the Commerzbank app as [...]
21. August 2016
day of the tentacle remastered dott post picture

Day of the Tentacle Remastered: DOTT for iPhone, Mac and other Apple devices

"Day of the Tentacle", released in 1993 by LucasArts as the successor to Maniac Mansion, is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, adventure games of the early computer generations. With "Day of the Tentacle Remastered" the [...]
3. August 2016
FLIR ONE thermal imaging camera for the iPhone

FLIR ONE thermal imaging camera: A real thermal imaging camera for iOS devices

If you try to find heat sources with an app and your smartphone camera, you will quickly realize that this is not really possible. That's why there is the FLIR ONE thermal imaging camera for iPhone and iPad. This will [...]
1. August 2016
Prisma App featured image

Prisma App: Thanks to Prisma, artistic image processing is child's play

The Prisma App from Prisma Labs Inc. is currently very much hyped. This is not only because an app for Android was released for the iOS version a week ago, but rather because [...]
30. May 2016
TripMode display and program list

Mac app TripMode: A must-have for the "Personal Hotspot" feature of the iPhone

For my iPhone contract I deliberately chose one that includes a high volume of data before you are throttled to Stone Age speed. However, I only use a small part of the data volume directly with the iPhone, [...]
28. May 2016
Opera Turbo switched on

Tip for LTE users: Save mobile data volume on the Mac with the Opera Turbo browser

I have recently become one of the rural LTE users who are blessed with a good speed of 50 Mbit / s, but unfortunately do not have a flat rate. This means that you get a fixed volume of data each month, which you [...]