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April 24, 2016

Hitman Sniper: Instructions, tips and tricks for beginners and beginners

The game Hitman Sniper is definitely not the kind of app that you should give your children to play: As a contract killer you have to "act" with a fixed "viewpoint" and various weapons and bad guys [...]
19. March 2016
The hard drive cleaning tool CleanMyMac 3 in the test: I'll show you what the program can do and whether it's worth buying!

Test: My experience with CleanMyMac 3 - is the system and disk cleaner for Mac worth it?

A few days ago I received the message that there is an offer of the system cleaning software CleanMyMac from MacPaw. Basically, I had always cleaned up my Mac by hand and old backups or [...]
8. March 2016
Parallels Desktop 11 - a simple web to run Windows on your Mac.

Parallels Desktop: Windows on Mac with the PC emulator

I have been running the "Parallels Desktop" software on my Mac for many years. The reason? Unfortunately, I still have an invoicing program that only runs under Windows, and software has recently been added [...]
11. December 2015
Anki Overdrive starter set

Anki Overdrive in the test: test reports on the racetrack toy 2.0

A new racetrack has been on the German market since October. The Anki Overdrive is not just another Carrera clone, but a symbiosis of this, a futuristic look, the integration of the smartphone and [...]
3. December 2015
WISO Tax 2016 - a tax saving software for Mac OS X

App test: WISO Tax Mac 2016 - User-friendly software for the 2015 tax return

ZDF WISO is a service magazine on the Second German Television, which reports weekly on economic and consumer topics - some of you are probably familiar with it. The program, which has been produced regularly since 1984, has a strong focus [...]
14 JULY 2015
Locafox iPhone app

The "Click & Collect" principle - a practical alternative for quick shopping?

Online shopping has become a matter of course for most of us, but the disadvantages are obvious: There are shipping costs, if the goods do not fit or you do not like the way to [...]
April 23, 2015
Trash it icon

Can't empty the trash on the Mac? The Mac app "Trash it!" helps!

For a few weeks now there have been a number of folders in my trash that simply cannot be deleted. An emptying of the recycle bin was always acknowledged with the message that the process could not be completed. It popped after [...]
4. February 2015
orgaMAX reports the wrong PIN to the Sparkasse despite correct entry

orgaMax, Sparkasse and the online banking PIN - why simple when it can be complicated?

Unfortunately, I have been using the orgaMAX program for writing invoices for years [under Windows with Parallels Desktop-> parallels-desktop]. "Unfortunately" because I actually hate to turn on the virtual Windows PC especially for certain programs [...]
16. January 2015
iPhone App Be My Eyes Registration

iPhone app for the blind and visually impaired: Be My Eyes brings help for sighted people

Anyone who has not yet done any voluntary work can now comfortably do so from the sofa and log into the "Be My Eyes" app. The free universal app, the name of which is called "Be mine [...]
1. January 2015
Hocus Focus program icon

Hocus Focus: Free Houdini alternative hides inactive Mac programs

Surely everyone knows the problem: After a few hours of working on the Mac with various programs, more and more windows "garbage" the desktop, so that after a while you completely lose track and only with