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12 JULY 2021

[Updates] Apple Podcasts: Stop playback after the current episode

I fell asleep on a podcast the other day and woke up listening to a completely different podcast. If you listen to programs on Apple Podcasts, then you probably know the problem that after the episode you are listening to, [...]
9 JULY 2021

5 app recommendations in July 2021

Last month we gave you 5 app recommendations for June 2021. We want to continue that in July. If we have already presented one or more of the apps [...]
7 JULY 2021

Audacity Alternatives: Free and Affordable Audio Programs

As already shown in May, the Muse Group has taken over the free audio editor Audacity. Users of the audio app for Windows, macOS and Linux should look forward to a more modern interface and additional functions. But currently [...]
2 JULY 2021

Mac trick: Calculate and convert with Spotlight

Spotlight is Mac's internal search engine that can be used to find folders, files, apps, websites, dictionary entries, and more. But the search bar, which you can call up with cmd + space bar, offers other possibilities for use. To the […]
1 JULY 2021

Translate app: download languages ​​for offline mode (+ alternatives)

Since iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, Apple has been offering the Translate app so that users can translate texts and spoken words into unfamiliar languages. But that doesn't only work if you are using WLAN or mobile data [...]
29th of June 2021

Tip: ANYmacOS loads macOS installers from High Sierra and creates bootable installation media

ANYmacOS is the name of the Mac app with which you can download macOS installers and beta versions of current operating systems and use them directly for a bootable installation medium. The software from SL-Soft (SL = Sascha Lamprecht) is free and can be used from [...]
24th of June 2021

Sideloading - Apple only wants iPhone apps from the App Store

Currently, many public authorities are opposing the big tech companies from the USA. In addition to the Federal Cartel Office and the European Union, the US judiciary is also interested in the monopoly positions of Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple. The […]
23th of June 2021

Wattpad - write, read and publish stories

When looking for websites on which you can publish short stories, book ideas, drafts of scripts, novellas and other manuscripts, you come across a wide variety of platforms. The goal is not just to put your own story on the Internet [...]
20th of June 2021

Test Readly for 1 month free of charge: Over 5.000 magazines and offline mode (sponsor)

I've been using Readly for around 4 years and I'm still excited about the offer. In addition to over 5.000 magazines from all over the world, there are now also various newspapers and daily newspapers. The monthly price [...]
18th of June 2021

iMovie 10.2.4 - Importing iOS projects and more stability

If you take a look at iMovie or, better still, the App Store on your Apple Mac, you will see there that the app for video editing can be updated. After installing the update you will then have [...]