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9. December 2014
House building from A to Z

The 4 Best iOS Apps for Budding Homeowners (iPhone and iPad)

Anyone who goes among home builders themselves can certainly use a little support from the mobile industry. There are numerous iPhone and iPad apps for builders in the Apple Store, but which application is really worthwhile [...]
27. November 2014
OnyX Icon

Why you don't need the Onyx optimization tool for Mac OS X ...

There are numerous optimization tools that promise that you can use them to free your Mac from unnecessary ballast and then everything will run better. OnyX from Titanium Software is a candidate that I have already tried on [...]
22. October 2014
QR code of apple oot

QR Code App: How can I create and scan QR Codes?

It's amazing how many places QR codes are now showing up. This is partly due to the fact that mobile devices such as smartphones are now able to read QR codes without special software. An acquaintance with a [...]
17. October 2014

Question: What software can I use to open RAR files / archives on a Mac?

Today the question to Sir Apfelot is from a reader who is still working on Mavericks and is looking for software with which he can open RAR archives under MAC OS X. Answer: There are some Mac apps [...]
10. October 2014
EXIF Wizard photo 1

Read EXIF ​​data from photos with an iPhone app - even for free!

When it comes to the subject of photo apps, everything usually revolves around the various types of processing. More sharpness, color, brightness, saturation and much more. But what about the photo metadata that is in the background [...]
7. October 2014
Wondershare SafeEraser

Before selling: erase iPad and iPhone - but do it right!

There have often been embarrassing moments when iPhone owners have sold their old device and the new owner then finds intimate photos, still receives messages from the previous owner via the messaging app or other [...]
7. September 2014
Hyperlapse ant parade

Instagram Hyperlapse App: The 12 Best Videos Made with the iPhone App

On the website of the English-language Mirror magazine, I found a nice compilation of videos that were made with the Hyperlapse app from Instagram. The iPhone app records videos in the time-lapse effect, but uses software stabilization to [...]
17. August 2014
Faxer Mac app

Mac App Faxer: a lot of hassle and no support

Some time ago I presented the Mac app Faxer, with which you can send faxes from your Mac if you have a Fritz-Box. Unfortunately, the app soon showed various problems. [...]
30 JULY 2014
Zalando apps

App presentation: the Zalando shopping app

If you want to scream with happiness on the go, you can land a huge hit with the new Zalando shopping apps. Not only around the clock and in the café around the corner or during the lunch break [...]