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30 JULY 2014
Zalando apps

App presentation: the Zalando shopping app

If you want to scream with happiness on the go, you can land a huge hit with the new Zalando shopping apps. Not only around the clock and in the café around the corner or during the lunch break [...]
16 JULY 2014
Aperture Alternetive Lightroom

Alternatives to Apple Aperture photo management and image processing

After Apple presented the new "Photos" app at WWDC, it became known almost at the same time that the further development of iPhoto and Aperture would be discontinued. While amateur photographers who have built on iPhoto certainly have no problems with [...]
14 JULY 2014
Windows error code 800736B3

Error code 800736B3 when installing Windows 7 updates

Yes, yes, now I can hear the first prophecies of doom: "Sir Apfelot's Apple Blog is already dealing with Windows problems! Where is this going?!?" ... but the situation is serious and certain [...]
24th of June 2014
Faxer Mac app

Send faxes directly from Mac OS X via the Fritz! Box - Faxer makes it (im) possible

If you are wondering why the headline says "impossible", you should definitely read the paragraph "No support from faxers" below! But here to the original article ... Windows PC owners can send faxes directly [...]
4th of June 2014
Security programs antivirus

Security software for the Mac - these programs convince in the test

The topic of antivirus software has traditionally met with little interest in the Mac user community, as the operating system, due to its design, offers significantly less attack surface for viruses, Trojans and the like than conventional Windows PCs. Another one […]
1th of June 2014
Momondo flight search

Momondo App: Cheap flights and fun facts about your friends

I'll admit it ... I installed the Momondo app for iPhone more because of the fun facts about my Facebook friends. However, the real purpose of the app is to find cheap flights around the world. You wear the [...]
17. January 2014
SSD fan control

After installing the SSD: the fan in the iMac runs continuously at full speed

After upgrading their Apple iMacs with an SSD, some people have the problem that the fan turns up to full speed after a few minutes and is constantly ventilating at full speed - that is quite loud [...]
7. January 2014
Instructions: Battery replacement for the Ion Audio Blockrocker

Solution: Apple Motion no longer starts after the update

Some users write in the comments on the new Apple Motion 5 that the program no longer starts after the update - sometimes even on an iMac i7, which is still quite new. A solution […]
1. November 2013

Open DMG Image under Windows or install it on a USB stick

The ulterior motive is as follows. You have a DMG image that you want to get as a bootable image on a USB stick, for example to install a Mac. Unfortunately, Windows offers this option by itself [...]