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1. November 2013

Open DMG Image under Windows or install it on a USB stick

The ulterior motive is as follows. You have a DMG image that you want to get as a bootable image on a USB stick, for example to install a Mac. Unfortunately, Windows offers this option by itself [...]
1. November 2013
GIMP 2.8

GIMP - Free image manipulation software

The software GIMP (abbreviation for GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a free way to edit photos and graphics on your computer. In terms of functionality and features, GIMP is in no way inferior to its expensive competition [...]
10. October 2013
Outbank online banking

Banking software for the Mac - almost a complete list

Of course, you should never give yourself the illusion that you could call a list complete and permanent, but at least I'll try all the software candidates that could be used in the area of ​​[home banking on Mac-> home banking] under OS X. [...]
30. September 2013
Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate start screen

Test: Wondershare Video Coverter Ultimate for Mac OS X

A few weeks ago I got a license for the Video Converter Ultimate from Wondershare. I have been using it since then under the Macintosh operating system MAC OS X. The tool is an all-in-one solution when it comes to [...]
14. August 2013
Ember logo

The Mac app Ember makes it easy to take screenshots with annotations

Many of you will probably still be familiar with the LittleSnapper Mac app. This used to be the non-plus-ultra when you often had to annotate screenshots, arrows, boxes and the like. Unfortunately, the software is no longer [...]
7 JULY 2013
suspicious iOS calendar invitation

Suspicious calendar invitations on iPhone

For a few days now I've been getting strange invitations every day in my iOS calendar on the iPhone. Some people who are completely unknown to me invite me to use their calendar. The exact wording then includes, for example, [...]
18th of June 2013
Hiking with kids app screenshots

Hiking with children: iPad / iPhone hiking guide especially for family hikes

Every now and then you can find real delicacies in the app store. Today a universal app that is particularly suitable for families with children between the ages of 4 and 14: "Hiking with children". The app functions [...]
April 5, 2013
Security programs antivirus

Antivirus Software Download - the best antivirus programs

For Mac users, the topic "[Computer virus-> computer virus]" is exhausted very quickly, since the operating system, like Linux, offers hardly any possibility of attack for viruses due to its structure. For Windows PCs, on the other hand, the amount of malware available is significantly greater. [...]
April 2, 2013

OlloCorrect: iPhone app removes distortion from Olloclip recordings

I've already presented the Olloclip for the iPhone 5. The clip-on lens is a nice thing for iPhone photographers, but the lenses have quite a lot of distortion, which is due to the technical possibilities. [...]
25. March 2013
Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013 PC

Microsoft Office Download - Home and Student Edition for Windows 7/8

I've always been a fan of CDs and DVDs, but if you urgently need software, a licensed download of the software is a far better choice to get back to work quickly. The procedure [...]