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11. May 2021

VitalSigns - Mac system monitor with temperature warning

The VitalSigns app for the Apple Mac is a system monitor that displays the most important data from the menu bar with just one click. These include B. the fan revolutions, the temperatures of the processor (CPU), graphics card [...]
10. May 2021

Zoom on the iPad: camera access now also with Split View

With Split View you can arrange two apps or app windows next to each other on the Apple iPad in order to multitask. This can be helpful if you want information from a source in a text, an e-mail or a [...]
April 20, 2021

Bartender 4 - Menu Bar Manager now available

After a long beta test phase, Surtees Studios rolled out the final version of Bartender 4 yesterday. Of course, the macOS tool is still being worked on to improve it, according to the official blog post on the topic. But […]
April 19, 2021
Test: Plugo Count math learning game

In the test: Plugo Count - math learning game with iPad app

I recently tested the Orboot AR globe from Shifu, which is supported by an iPad app and shows things on the globe via augmented reality. In this way he offers the children a learning experience which [...]
April 19, 2021

Instructions: (De) activate Mac ringing for iPhone calls

If the iPhone and Mac are logged in to the same WLAN, then calls can not only cause a ringing on the computer. They can also be accepted and, for example, guided via a headset. The built-in microphones on the MacBook [...]
April 16, 2021

Google Earth with 4D function: timelapse with satellite images

An extensive update for Google Earth was presented yesterday. You can now use the timelapse function on the website of the interactive globe as well as in the app. This ensures that a temporal course and [...]
April 12, 2021

Dropover - Mac app thinks "drag and drop" ahead

A recurring action on the Mac that is certainly part of the workflow of many of you is drag and drop. Select files and folders with the mouse and move to another folder, an app or [...]
April 11, 2021
Luminar AI crash after start

Mac: Luminar AI crashes every time it starts

I'm currently testing the Luminar AI software from Skylum and I'm already looking forward to writing the review, because the Mac app has exceeded all my expectations and offers impressive opportunities to capture even the most boring photos [...]
April 10, 2021
iCab Browser for Mac

iCab Mac Browser - Fast and Lightweight - Pick of the Week CW15

The pick of the week this time goes to a browser that has been around for what feels like forever: iCab. The iCab browser has been around for over 20 years, but it delights its users [...]
April 8, 2021
Merge PDF files into one large file

Mac: Combine several PDF documents into one with the preview

Don't ask why, but today I had to create a PDF document from a folder with over 30 individual PDF files. My first thought was that I would certainly do this with Adobe Acrobat, but then I [...]