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If you have a question on your mind that you don't know the solution to, I would be happy if you answered this in my Sir Apfelot forum. I am there every day and will answer you as soon as possible.

Why in my forum? Because I myself have repeatedly made the experience in other forums that in addition to answers like "Read the documentation!" often only gets help that is well meant, but ultimately does not help.

For this reason I thought to myself: How nice would it be if you could ask someone personally who has been working with Apple devices and the appropriate software for over 20 years and actually offers you individual help? I am the one for you - for free!

If you have problems with your Mac, iPhone, iPad or your Apple Watch: visits the Sir Apfelot Forum. Maybe I can give you the right solution!

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A few comments from readers I have already been able to help:

  • "Hello Jens, Sir Apfelot, if you weren't already knighted, I would do that. Everything worked as you suggested it." - Tony
  • "Thank you for your quick reply, that really sets you apart!" - Johann
  • "Your tips are just great!" Peter
  • "Thank you for your assessment, it helps me a lot." - Oliver (who wondered if you should upgrade your Mac Mini with SSD and RAM again, or if you should wait for a new model)

Why free?

I offer my help for free because I hope that you will recommend my blog and me to others. For me this is free marketing - a fair exchange! ;-)

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20 December 2015
Exeze Pico Sphere clip-on microphone for iPod Classic

Reader's question: Is there a microphone for a 160 GB iPod Classic?

Reader's question: "Hello Sir Apfelot, some time ago you were there to advise me on the purchase of a MacBook. Thank you for that! Today I have a question about an iPod Classic 160 GB. I [...]
20 December 2015
D-Link DCS-942L IP camera should be connected to LTE routers without WPS.

Reader's question: Can you couple an IP camera with WPS to a router without WPS support?

A reader recently asked me: "D-Link DCS 942LB IP camera with router TP-Link M5350 - My problem: how does the iP-Cam with WPS recognize the router without WPS?" The D-Link WLAN camera DCS 942LB is a […]
16 November 2015
OS X El Capitan - wtf?!?

Readers question: Adobe CS5, Acrobat Pro and Linotype Font Explorer crashed since OS X El Capitan

Hi folks, my iMac ran fine from January 2010 to September 2015. Since El Capitan, CS5, AcrobatPro and the Linotype Font Explorer have been saying goodbye regularly! I am not a technician and ONLY want to use my iMac [...]
28 October 2015
Inkjet multifunction device Epson Stylus Office BX 525 WD

Readers question: Multifunctional device Epson Stylus Office BX525WD under Mac OS X 10.10 EL Capitan

Question: Hello and have a good day! Since installing OS X 10.10 El Captain, my multifunction device EPSON STYLUS Office BX 525 WD is no longer addressed in the scan area. The message appears that the "Interface not completed" [...]
13 October 2015
iPad Pro picture

What is the price of the Apple iPad Pro?

Readers question: What will Apple's iPad Pro cost in Germany? Are there already information in euros? Answer: You can currently not see any prices for the iPad Pro on Apple's iPad Pro websites. [...]
21 September 2015
Ion Tailgater Bluetooth

Reader's question: Ion Tailgater for iPod no longer makes a sound - power supply unit or battery defective?

Question from Fabian: Hello, I had rented the Tailgater (without a more detailed type designation) and now it no longer receives any power - neither via the mains plug nor in battery mode. The backup seems fine to me. If the device were to be used over [...]
13 September 2015
Thunderbolt cable

Is there a difference between Thunderbolt 1 and Thunderbolt 2 cables?

Since I just bought a Thunderbolt monitor from LG (LG 29UC97-S - as an alternative to the Thunderbolt monitor from Apple) that supports Thunderbolt 2, the question arose whether you should get an older one (approx. 2-3 years old ) [...]
16 July 2015
Dell C1760NW

Is the Dell C1760NW color laser printer compatible with Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite?

Question: Hello Sir Apfelot, I have come across this page several times while searching the net. Now my question: is the Dell C1760NW color laser printer compatible with the current OS X? Do you have any experience here? The […]
10 July 2015
Jawbone Up3 in silver

Which fitness bracelet is compatible with my iPhone?

You've probably read a lot about fitness bracelets, which are pretty much in vogue right now. This is because they not only motivate movement, for example by monitoring the achievement of certain goals (10.000 [...]
8 July 2015
Samsung SE208GB RSWD

Readers question: CD / DVD reader for the MacBook Pro

Question: Hello Sir Apfelot, I come from an Apple family and plan to buy a laptop. I decided on the [Macbook Pro Retina 13 inch-> macbook-pro-retina] - which model has not yet been determined. [...]