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If you have a question on your mind that you don't know the solution to, I would be happy if you answered this in my Sir Apfelot forum. I am there every day and will answer you as soon as possible.

Why in my forum? Because I myself have repeatedly made the experience in other forums that in addition to answers like "Read the documentation!" often only gets help that is well meant, but ultimately does not help.

For this reason I thought to myself: How nice would it be if you could ask someone personally who has been working with Apple devices and the appropriate software for over 20 years and actually offers you individual help? I am the one for you - for free!

If you have problems with your Mac, iPhone, iPad or your Apple Watch: visits the Sir Apfelot Forum. Maybe I can give you the right solution!

The references

A few comments from readers I have already been able to help:

  • "Hello Jens, Sir Apfelot, if you weren't already knighted, I would do that. Everything worked as you suggested it." - Tony
  • "Thank you for your quick reply, that really sets you apart!" - Johann
  • "Your tips are just great!" Peter
  • "Thank you for your assessment, it helps me a lot." - Oliver (who wondered if you should upgrade your Mac Mini with SSD and RAM again, or if you should wait for a new model)

Why free?

I offer my help for free because I hope that you will recommend my blog and me to others. For me this is free marketing - a fair exchange! ;-)

If you want to support me, you are welcome to take mine free app "Sir Apfelot" to your iPhone. This will give my blog posts a bit more circulation and I might win you over as a regular reader.

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23 May 2015
Bose sound link 3

Reader question: do you know a bluetooth speaker with a lot of bass?

A few days ago I was asked whether I would know a Bluetooth speaker with a lot of bass. In fact, I have already had a number of BT speakers here for testing, but above all the [...]
4 February 2015
Survey by Sir Apfelot

Survey on sending newsletters from Sir Apfelot - here are the results

In the last newsletter I started a small survey in which I wanted to get some feedback from my readers about sending out newsletters. As a blogger, the communication between author and reader is unfortunately a bit one-sided [...]
8 December 2014
Icon ask Sir Apfelot

Mac stops burning CD with error 0x80020022

Yesterday I got a question from a reader in Vienna. I would like to briefly show the mail so that you know what it is about: Dear Sir, I am a music afficionada. Christmas is the perfect occasion to [...]
24 November 2014
Yosemite thunderstorm

Help wanted and needed: Bugs with Mac's OS X Yosemite

I think most people come across my blog through "my first impression of Yosemite" and seek help with problems there. But in the meantime I have collected so much help and questions there that I would like to have a [...]
13 November 2014
InstarVision screenshot

iPhone or webcam? Remote monitoring of a holiday home without WiFi

A few days ago a question came from a reader who was wondering how to remotely monitor a holiday home in Italy when no one is there. Here is the original text of the request: […]
12 November 2014
Icon ask Sir Apfelot

After switching to OS X Yosemite: Error message "Mail index damaged" and Apple Mail no longer starts

Yesterday I received an inquiry from a reader who, after upgrading to Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10), has the problem that Apple Mail no longer works with his Mac Mini. Here is his mail: Dear [...]
12 November 2014
Icon ask Sir Apfelot

Question: Which color laser multifunction device for Mac should I use?

Today I got a question from a reader who is interested in a multifunctional device that works with color laser technology: That is what you need ... Hello Sir Apfelot, I'm interested in (color) laser multifunctional devices that are compatible with Mac. Can you […]
28 October 2014
iPhone 6 battery

How big is the battery of the Apple iPhone 6 or 6 plus?

A reader asked me how big the battery of the iPhone 6/6 plus is. Of course, this means the capacity in mAh. According to the craft professionals at iFixit, the "small" iPhone 6 has a battery with [...]
17 October 2014

Question: What software can I use to open RAR files / archives on a Mac?

Today the question to Sir Apfelot is from a reader who is still working on Mavericks and is looking for software with which he can open RAR archives under MAC OS X. Answer: There are some Mac apps [...]
6 October 2014
idx file

What is an .idx file and how can I open it?

Question: I found an .idx file in the directory of a domain when I accessed it via [FTP-> ftp-programs-mac]. My Mac tried to open the file with VLC, but it was missing. Which program should you use this [...]