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If you have a question on your mind that you don't know the solution to, I would be happy if you answered this in my Sir Apfelot forum. I am there every day and will answer you as soon as possible.

Why in my forum? Because I myself have repeatedly made the experience in other forums that in addition to answers like "Read the documentation!" often only gets help that is well meant, but ultimately does not help.

For this reason I thought to myself: How nice would it be if you could ask someone personally who has been working with Apple devices and the appropriate software for over 20 years and actually offers you individual help? I am the one for you - for free!

If you have problems with your Mac, iPhone, iPad or your Apple Watch: visits the Sir Apfelot Forum. Maybe I can give you the right solution!

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A few comments from readers I have already been able to help:

  • "Hello Jens, Sir Apfelot, if you weren't already knighted, I would do that. Everything worked as you suggested it." - Tony
  • "Thank you for your quick reply, that really sets you apart!" - Johann
  • "Your tips are just great!" Peter
  • "Thank you for your assessment, it helps me a lot." - Oliver (who wondered if you should upgrade your Mac Mini with SSD and RAM again, or if you should wait for a new model)

Why free?

I offer my help for free because I hope that you will recommend my blog and me to others. For me this is free marketing - a fair exchange! ;-)

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22 September 2020
Moving mail on the Mac

Reader Question: Apple Mail on Mac hangs when moving email

Today my reader Wilhelm wrote to me because he is having problems with Apple Mail on his MacBook Pro with macOS Catalina. In detail it looks like this for him: Hello Jens, it keeps coming back [...]
14 September 2020

Reader question: Old iPhone wanted for Corona warning app

If you want to buy an old iPhone to use the Corona warning app, it should also be compatible with the software. In accordance with a reader question in this direction, I will therefore show you those models of the [...]
12 September 2020
Macintosh HD icon not on desktop

Reader's question: Macintosh HD icon can no longer be found on the desktop

I am in close contact with my reader Josef, because his two Macs and the combination of router (Fritz! Box) and two printers sometimes don't work the way he wants. Now he has at an older [...]
7 September 2020
Mac error: System Preferences are busy ...

Mac error: System Preferences are busy ...

Today I received an email from my reader Heinz, in which he sent me a screenshot of an error message that I have never seen before. He tried to delete an admin user on his Mac and [...]
6 August 2020
WLAN connection interruptions due to the 2,4 GHz radio network

Readers question: Mac keeps losing WiFi connection

My reader Monika emailed me a while ago because her MacBook Air from 2015 keeps losing the WiFi connection. The usual solutions such as start in recovery mode, start in safe mode and also SMC reset have already been [...]
29 July 2020

What is the Macintosh HD Data volume doing on my hard drive?

As of macOS 10.15 Catalina with the APFS file system, the hard drive of the Apple Mac is divided into “Macintosh HD” and “Macintosh HD data” by default. The two volumes have different properties that can be changed without further insight into [...]
28 July 2020
HomeKit compatible smoke alarms

Readers question: homekit-compatible smoke detectors for the holiday home

Earlier, a question came in from my reader Lars, with whom I had already emailed weeks ago, because he needed a few tips to monitor his holiday home. He is currently concerned with the subject of smoke detectors [...]
9 June 2020

What is a TF card?

What is a TF card? You read the term again and again when you buy SD cards or use them with a device. Especially older digital camera or smartphone models indicate that the TF memory card should be used [...]
9 May 2020
Show status bar with icon slider

[Readers question] Mac: Slider for icon size in the Finder window is gone

I just received a question from a reader who, after updating to macOS Catalina, is struggling with an attitude that has changed itself. Before the update to Catalina there was at the bottom of the Finder window [...]
29 April 2020

Apple Mail on iPhone and iPad: vulnerability or not?

Apple's own mail app for iOS on the iPhone and iPadOS on the iPad was last due to security gaps in the media. The app problems are hyped up. It is true that the Federal Office for Security in [...]