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If you have a question on your mind that you don't know the solution to, I would be happy if you answered this in my Sir Apfelot forum. I am there every day and will answer you as soon as possible.

Why in my forum? Because I myself have repeatedly made the experience in other forums that in addition to answers like "Read the documentation!" often only gets help that is well meant, but ultimately does not help.

For this reason I thought to myself: How nice would it be if you could ask someone personally who has been working with Apple devices and the appropriate software for over 20 years and actually offers you individual help? I am the one for you - for free!

If you have problems with your Mac, iPhone, iPad or your Apple Watch: visits the Sir Apfelot Forum. Maybe I can give you the right solution!

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  • "Hello Jens, Sir Apfelot, if you weren't already knighted, I would do that. Everything worked as you suggested it." - Tony
  • "Thank you for your quick reply, that really sets you apart!" - Johann
  • "Your tips are just great!" Peter
  • "Thank you for your assessment, it helps me a lot." - Oliver (who wondered if you should upgrade your Mac Mini with SSD and RAM again, or if you should wait for a new model)

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14 June 2018

Mac hangs at startup: "too many corpses being created" in verbose mode

Due to a question from the reader, I came across a Mac bug that can cause the Apple computer to hang on startup under current macOS versions such as Sierra and High Sierra. The problem looks something like this: [...]
7 June 2018

Apple Mac, iMac, and MacBook: These models are compatible with macOS Mojave

The future models of Apple computers such as Mac, iMac and MacBook (Air / Pro) come with the macOS Mojave, which will be released in autumn. But which desktop computers, notebooks and workstations from Cupertino that are already on the market [...]
22 April 2018
Icon ask Sir Apfelot

How can I use PHP to shorten a string after 25 words?

I am looking for a way to shorten a text string after a certain number of words. There is a command in PHP that can be used to shorten a string to X characters, [...]
3 April 2018
All-Net-Flat featured image

Readers question: Looking for an all-network flat rate that can be canceled on a monthly basis

Reader: Hello Sir Apfelot! I would like to take out an all-network flat rate for my iPhone, but I don't want to enter into a contract term of one or two years, because I don't know whether I can use the flat rate in all networks permanently [...]
27 February 2018
ATT00001 featured image

Reader's question: What are ATT attachments in mails in Outlook and Exchange?

Today a reader (Servus, Peter!) Asked me how it is that his mail program displays attachments like ATT0000x.html, although he only sent a .doc and a .docx file to the original on the Mac in the mail [...]
11 December 2017
Your Mac slurps away the mobile data volume like mulled wine? Then it's time to research who is sucking too much data in the background!

Reader question: mobile data volume from the surf stick on the Mac is decreasing too quickly

A few days ago my reader Steve wrote to me who has a Huawei surf stick with a 1 & 1 SIM card with limited data volume. He uses this surf stick on a MacBook Pro and has noticed that his data volume [...]
11 December 2017

Reader question: do the iPhone X and iPhone 8 support Qualcomm Quick Charge?

In comments, via the contact form and directly by e-mail, questions from readers arrive here in the blog from time to time. One of the readers' questions recently read: "Do the iPhone X and iPhone 8 support [...]
15 November 2017
headphone, headphones for iphone 7 iphone 8 iphone x

Reader's question: which headphones to use for the iPhone 7, 8 or iPhone X?

Which headphones can I use for the iPhone 7 (Plus), iPhone 8 (Plus) or iPhone X? - Many people who have previously used jack plugs to connect their smartphones to their ears are sure to ask this question. [...]
12 November 2017
With Pages from Apple, every text document can also be protected with a password. Since Pages runs on iCloud, it works on a Mac as well as an iPad or iPhone.

Reader question: protect text file under macOS with a password

Today a reader asked me if there was a way to protect a text on the iPad or under macOS (on his MacBook) from strangers' eyes. It doesn't have to be a high security standard and also [...]
9 October 2017
Mission Control takes you to an important option that is essential for Split View in Mail.

Solution: Split view display in Apple Mail does not work in macOS High Sierra

One of the new features that macOS High Sierra brings with it is the option to use Split View (a split screen) within Apple Mail when writing a message. Unfortunately, exactly this did not work with one of my [...]