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If you have a question on your mind that you don't know the solution to, I would be happy if you answered this in my Sir Apfelot forum. I am there every day and will answer you as soon as possible.

Why in my forum? Because I myself have repeatedly made the experience in other forums that in addition to answers like "Read the documentation!" often only gets help that is well meant, but ultimately does not help.

For this reason I thought to myself: How nice would it be if you could ask someone personally who has been working with Apple devices and the appropriate software for over 20 years and actually offers you individual help? I am the one for you - for free!

If you have problems with your Mac, iPhone, iPad or your Apple Watch: visits the Sir Apfelot Forum. Maybe I can give you the right solution!

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A few comments from readers I have already been able to help:

  • "Hello Jens, Sir Apfelot, if you weren't already knighted, I would do that. Everything worked as you suggested it." - Tony
  • "Thank you for your quick reply, that really sets you apart!" - Johann
  • "Your tips are just great!" Peter
  • "Thank you for your assessment, it helps me a lot." - Oliver (who wondered if you should upgrade your Mac Mini with SSD and RAM again, or if you should wait for a new model)

Why free?

I offer my help for free because I hope that you will recommend my blog and me to others. For me this is free marketing - a fair exchange! ;-)

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8 August 2017
Under System Settings -> Mouse the option "Scroll direction: natural" can be deactivated, which since El Capitan has ensured that the mouse scroll direction is suddenly the wrong way round.

Practical tip: Change the scrolling direction of the mouse or trackpad on the Mac

Today I was asked by a reader (Hello Merrit!), Who has just switched her Mac to El Capitan (so that Adobe CS5 is still running), why the mouse scrolling direction is suddenly wrong after the installation [...]
5 August 2017
How can you mute or mute certain contact groups on the iPhone so that they do not disturb you on vacation?

Reader question: Can I mute individual contact groups on the iPhone?

Today I got a - sounding almost desperate - question from a reader: How can I create contact groups in my iPhone 6s and, for example, switch off a "work" group. So that on my vacation I don't [...]
12 June 2017
How do you get photos back from a Fusion Drive if the Mac that contains the hard drives is broken?

Readers question: data recovery from the Fusion Drive of a defective MacBook

A few days ago I got a question from my reader Tony. He wrote the following: Hello, I have a Macbook 2010, which I equipped with a Fusion Drive according to instructions from Youtube. On vacation [...]
7 June 2017
To monitor a room with WiFi, you can either use an IP camera or an old iPhone that you no longer have to use (Photo: Pixabay).

Readers question: Use a small camera or old iPhone 5 as a surveillance camera

A few days ago a reader (Huhu, Peter!) Asked me if I had a tip for a small camera that can be used to monitor another room. The camera […]
4 April 2017
Icon ask Sir Apfelot

Reader question: Emojis on Affinity Photo text layer are invisible

Question from reader Kathleen I hope you can help me. I work with Affinity Photo and somehow I can't add emoji's anymore. Actually it always worked, but now only in [...]
24 December 2016
Adobe Photoshop: Often used under CS 5 or CS 6 to save the running costs of the Creative Cloud (Adobe CC).

Reader's question: Adobe CS5 installation on MacBook Pro (early 2013) under OS X 10.7.5 (Lion)

Today Ian asked me how he can get the old Adobe CS5 up and running under 10.7.5 (OS X Lion): Hello! I hope I can ask a question that way too. I'm a little desperate because I [...]
6 November 2016
Icon reader question: Readers ask and Sir Apfelot answers.

[open] Reader's question: Share souvenirs in Apple Photos with others

Dear readers! Usually I answer the questions in my blog myself, but in this case I don't have the experience with the still quite new function of the Apple "Photos" app under macOS [...]
28 May 2016
Icon ask Sir Apfelot

Reader question: Strange characters in the Google input

A few days ago I got an email from a reader who had a problem that I just had no idea what might be the cause. He described it to me as follows: My iMac is [...]
22 January 2016
Screenshot: Pages template with header

Reader Question: Recurring Header and Letterhead in Apple Pages

Question: Hey Sir Apfelot, I'm currently working for a scheduling department with Pages. With every new page I have to have a certain head with 2 logos on the left and right and a small text in the middle. [...]
21 January 2016
USA travel adapter - which one is best for the land of unlimited power connections?

Reader's question: Which travel adapter would you recommend for a trip to the USA?

Question: I'm going to the USA for 4 weeks in the summer and of course I would also like to use my MacBook and iPhone there. But now they have 110 V instead of 220 volts (like ours [...]