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25. December 2015
Tayogo Magic Cube speaker

Short test: Avantek Magic Cube Bluetooth speaker - a good box for the kitchen, bathroom and desk

Shortly before Christmas I got the offer to test a Bluetooth speaker: the Avantek Magic Cube (available for just under 15 EUR from Amazon). And as if the Christ Child had planned it, the loudspeaker even came [...]
23. December 2015
TaoTronics Bluetooth Sports Headphones Photo

Test report: TaoTronics Bluetooth 4.1 in-ear headphones TT-BH07

It was time again that I had to buy new Bluetooth headphones. Whereby the "must" is more of a form of collecting or a kind of compulsive act, because actually I already have a Jabra Bluetooth [...]
4. December 2015
Youtube to MP3 Converter Icon

Recommendation: YouTube to MP3 Converter free for Mac as a freeware download

How many hours have I (and certainly you too) spent watching exciting YouTube videos? Countless hours! It often happens that a song that is used is particularly remembered. But about the song [...]
30th of June 2015
Apple Music installation

The way to an Apple Music trial subscription - including switching off the automatic renewal

As announced at WWDC 2015, the streaming service "Apple Music" started today (June 30.06.2015th, 17) worldwide. Shortly before 8.4 p.m. there was the update for iOS to version XNUMX in which the service [...]
14th of June 2015
olixar BoomBrick bluetooth speaker

Test: Olixar BoomBrick cordless Bluetooth speaker - good sound for little money

The team recently sent me a mobile BT speaker for test purposes. The model is called "BoomBrick" and is from the manufacturer "Olixar". In the meantime I've already had the opportunity to use a number of BT speakers in various [...]
27. February 2015
BeoPlay A2 Collage

Test report on the BeoPlay A2 Bluetooth speaker from Bang & Olufsen

I admit I have a secret love for bluetooth speakers. These little things are somehow my daily companions in the apartment, as well as when the children want to quickly hear something on my iPhone (but I [...]
10. November 2014
Lexfield spherical speakers

The five best wireless speakers for less than 100 EUR

Modern stereo wireless speakers are still a piece of technology that can inspire me. Whereas in the past one had to lay meter-long cable strands through the room, today a simple wireless loudspeaker is sufficient, for example, the audio data with Bluetooth [...]
10. March 2014
Teufel Concept C 200 BE

2.1 Systems put to the test - the best sound for the Mac

When it comes to the question of a sound system for the computer, opinions are divided. The most diverse versions promise the best sound. It is clear that it doesn't matter whether a notebook has "dre Beats" sound outputs or is personally certified by Bose [...]
24. January 2014
TerraTec Concert BT Mobile Boost with iPhone

Terratec Concert BT Mobile Boost: mobile Bluetooth speaker put to the test

After I received the press release from TerraTec yesterday that they are bringing three new Bluetooth loudspeakers to the market with the new "Concert" product range, I asked for a test copy without further ado.
7. November 2013
Muse M 800 BT

20 W bluetooth speaker instead of micro system

A friend recently bought the Muse M 800 BT Bluetooth speaker. When he bought it, it was still available on Amazon for 55 EUR, but unfortunately I have [...]