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3. November 2013
AppleTV 3

Connect the Apple TV to a stereo system with a D / A converter

You can easily play your iTunes music on your stereo system if you use the AppleTV (ATV2 or ATV3) and share your library in iTunes. Then you can access the pieces of music in iTunes with the AppleTV [...]
22. August 2013
Rode Podcaster and BD DT 770 Pro

USB microphone - two good microphones for vloggers and podcasters

Microphones with a USB connection are a practical thing if you want to get into audio production without a lot of technical bells and whistles. Usually you plug them into your Mac or PC. The computer then installs the appropriate [...]
22. August 2013
Instructions Rode Podcaster

What is the best way to speak into the USB micro Røde Podcaster?

The USB microphone from Røde called "Podcaster" is a good and inexpensive variant for podcasters, bloggers and people who want to dub some videos for YouTube or similar without much effort. I have the microphone [...]
6. August 2013
Marmitek BoomBoom 260 waterproof

Marmitek BoomBoom 260 - Bluetooth speaker waterproof and

The new Bluetooth loudspeaker from Marmitek is a remarkable device because it not only combines the practical handling that is common to all Bluetooth sound systems, but also has some great features in store that are otherwise hard to find: [...]
11 JULY 2013
Vibe-Tribe Troll vibration speakers

The best vibration speakers

In the constant search for interesting sound systems for my iPhone, I just came across the term "vibration loudspeaker" or "resonance loudspeaker". Behind them are small sound systems that use the surface on which they stand as a resonance body. [...]
5th of June 2013
Ion Audio Blockrocker iPA06

Ion Audio Blockrocker: mobile, robust and LOUD

If you want a little more sound pressure than normal iPod speaker systems, then the portable speaker from Ion Audio comes into play. The version that I would prefer to present here (Blockrocker iPA06) will [...]
23. May 2013
Philips Shoqbox bluetooth speaker

Finally: a shower speaker that deserves this name

Officially, the Bluetooth loudspeaker from Philips is actually not on the market as a shower loudspeaker, but its robust construction and the fact that it is splash-proof makes it an ideal companion for the morning shower. I [...]
14. May 2013
Big Jambox from Jawbone

Big Jambox from Jawbone - my test

A few weeks ago I received an inquiry in my mailbox asking me to let me test the Big Jambox for a while. If I felt like it, I could post a review on my blog [...]
20. March 2013
Bowers & Wilkins Z2

Bowers & Wilkins Z2 music dock finally with airplay and lightning dock

The noble music forge [Bowers & Wilkins-> bowers-wilkins] have already released a number of products for the audiophile iPhone user that have only received top ratings among connoisseurs. Unfortunately, the well-known Zeppelin was still another [loudspeaker dock-> loudspeaker dock] from B&W [...]
4. January 2013
Rode Podcaster

Microphone recommendation for podcast makers: The Rode Podcaster Pro Kit

Podcasting is fun and I admit that I enjoy listening to podcasts. However, the listener is not very happy if the recording is of poor quality. I've already given up a number of podcasts and the subscription [...]