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4. January 2013

The best mobile bluetooth speakers

Airplay is a nice invention, but unfortunately it is still associated with license costs for the manufacturer and for this reason mobile Airplay speakers are still quite expensive. The Bluetooth standard in loudspeaker systems offers an inexpensive alternative. With a […]
4. January 2013
Bluetooth speaker MS500

Waterproof bluetooth speaker for the shower

Today I went looking for a waterproof speaker that my iPhone can "feed" with Bluetooth. The iShower is simply too expensive for me and visually not my [...]
13. December 2012
Instructions: Battery replacement for the Ion Audio Blockrocker

Instructions: Use MP3 as a ringtone on the iPhone

First of all: Yes, it works WITHOUT jailbreaking and other weird things. I wrote the instructions because I was interested in how to do it myself. In my case, Duke Nukem ringtone MP3s, [...]
28. November 2012

Instructions: Upgrade your analog or digital stereo system with Airplay

Airplay is a practical thing if you just want to quickly play music from your iPhone or iPad on the stereo system. Läsitges pairing as with Bluetooth is no longer necessary and the sound is also essential [...]
28. November 2012
iShower Bluetooth speaker

iShower: waterproof Bluetooth speaker for the shower

The name "iDevices" should mean something to some iPhone fans since the "iGrill" barbecue thermometer. After winter is in the house and the iGrills are living their existence in the garden shed, the manufacturer also has something for inside [...]
20. November 2012
AC / DC in iTunes

It's done: AC / DC albums are finally available on iTunes

There are still signs and wonders ... if you open your iTunes these days, you will be greeted with the simple words "AC / DC - now available in the catalog". What is behind this brief remark will most likely be the [...]