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19. December 2020
Senstroke sensors in the test

Senstroke sensors in the test: drums without drums, but on pillows and bananas

The manufacturer Redison has had a virtual drum set on the market for some time, which consists of sensors for the drumsticks and feet as well as a suitable Senstroke app, which is available for both iOS and Android [...]
16. December 2020
Buy AirPods Max on Amazon

AirPods Max: Premium Over Ears now also available on Amazon

I have to admit that I think it's very positive that Apple and Amazon have come closer together again at the end of 2018 (after long arguments) and that Apple products are available again on Amazon. This is positive for end customers [...]
4. December 2020
Belkin Soundform Elite vs. Apple HomePod in comparison

Reviewed: Belkin Soundform Elite vs. Apple HomePod

I have to admit, when I first heard that Belkin had launched the Soundform Elite, a smart home speaker, it wasn't the first thing I thought of great sound. Belkin is most [...]
20. October 2020
In the test: Anker Soundcore Life Q30 ANC headphones

In the test: Soundcore Life Q30 - over-ear headphones with active noise cancellation

In the last few weeks I have been able to test some headphones, such as the Soundcore Liberty 2 or the TaoTronics SoundLiberty 79 - which are in-ear headphones. The construction is actually not [...]
15. October 2020

Reset AirPods Pro - how the reset works

The last time I had the problem that my AirPods Pro could be connected to the Mac, but then no audio played. The problem had already been announced over a few days, as the audio output was always [...]
14. October 2020

Apple HomePod mini - specifications and price

Yesterday Apple presented the new HomePod mini as part of the “Hi, Speed.” October event. But this is not only a small and cheap version of the already known HomePod, it also brings new functions [...]
28. September 2020
True wireless in-ear headphones EarFun Air put to the test

EarFun Air: wireless in-ear headphones in the test and in comparison with the AirPods Pro

The manufacturer EarFun sent me the EarFun Air for an extensive test a while ago. The EarFun Air are true wireless in-ear headphones that not only look good, but also have quite a few features and properties [...]
21. September 2020

Soundcore Mini 3+ daily and weekly offers from Anker

For today's Monday there is not only the Soundcore Mini 3 as a new product, but also daily and weekly offers from the manufacturer Anker. These include plenty of charging accessories in the form of power packs, cables, power banks and Co. [...]
8. September 2020

[Updated] NuraLoop - in-ear headphones with sound adjustment now in Germany

The Australian manufacturer Nura has now brought its NuraLoop in-ear headphones to German retailers. The 25 gram light earplugs offer active noise canceling, more than 16 hours of running time with one battery charge and touch buttons for [...]
6. August 2020
Review of the TaoTronics SoundLiberty 79 True Wireless headphones

In the test: TaoTronics SoundLiberty 79 true wireless in-ear bluetooth headphones

I already had a review of Bluetooth headphones from TaoTronics in 2015. Back then it was the TT-BH07 that not only pleased me, but also received a lot of positive feedback from readers. A few days ago [...]