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13. February 2020
Test report on the Tribit MaxSound Plus

In the test: Tribit MaxSound Plus 24W Bluetooth speaker

I've already put so many Bluetooth speakers under the microscope in tests that you'd actually think I'm fed up with the little roaring cubes. But the opposite is the case: I am [...]
10. February 2020
iPhone: no sound when recording a screen

[Solved] Screen recording (video) from iPad or iPhone has no sound

Today there is another article about a problem that I just had to solve for myself. For my article on the game Brawl Stars I had made a few screen videos while I was working with [...]
19. December 2019

Divoom speaker - Bluetooth speaker with pixel art displays

Are you bored of regular Bluetooth speakers? Do you want more visual fun at the party, in the office or simply listening to a podcast in the bathtub? Then the Divoom speakers are definitely the right thing for you! Because they [...]
13. December 2019

My experiences with Audible: audio books and radio plays via app

Audible has been a provider of audio books and radio plays in digital form since 1995. He has been part of Amazon since 2008; As a subsidiary of the shipping giant, listening experiences are still produced today and offered as a subscription model. [...]
29. October 2019

Rumors confirmed: Apple AirPods Pro have been launched!

Recently I reported on in-ear headphones from Cupertino based on rumors and a patent, now they really exist: Apple AirPods Pro. The earplugs with Active Noise Canceling (ANC) were released by Apple yesterday [...]
26. October 2019
True Wireless Headphones EasyAcc X100

In the test: EasyAcc X100 - true wireless in-ear headphones

Incredible, but true: The EasyAcc X100 are the first true wireless headphones that I have tried, along with my AirPods. Among other things, this is probably due to the fact that most models are so-called final in-ear headphones that you [...]
9. October 2019

The best headphones for the Nintendo Switch (Lite)

What are the best headphones for the Nintendo Switch (Lite)? That depends on whether you want to receive the audio via jack, USB or Bluetooth. In the following I have given you a couple of headphones and headsets [...]
8. October 2019

[Update] Connect Bluetooth headphones to the Nintendo Switch (also Lite)

Although the Joy-Cons and the Pro Controller can be connected wirelessly to the Nintendo Switch, the Bluetooth module is not open for headphones. If you have headsets with a long USB or jack cable, that's okay. [...]
26. September 2019

Soundcore presents new "Liberty" Bluetooth headphones

Soundcore, the audio brand from technology manufacturer Anker, presented three new headphone models yesterday. All three are wireless Bluetooth earplugs with a charging case and fast charging. The individual in-ear pairs are called Liberty Air 2, Liberty 2 […]
25. September 2019

Wirecutter test winner: The best Bluetooth boxes 2019

Wirecutter magazine, a specialist publication of the New York Times, occasionally publishes leaderboards for various types of equipment. In June I had already introduced you to the best monitors in 2019; now a few products will follow [...]