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April 24, 2018

Use Apple AirPods individually - how and why?

The Apple AirPods, which were first ridiculed and then praised by everyone, wireless Bluetooth headphones from Cupertino, have three different uses: only on the left, only on the right or both at the same time. Of course, when listening to music, the [...]
April 20, 2018

Podlive: Podcast app with chat, listener numbers and account synchronization (iPhone, iPad, AppleTV, Mac)

Podlive by Frank Gregor and Stefan Trauth is a podcast app with which you can discover, listen to and otherwise follow live podcasts on the Apple iPhone and iPad (from iOS 11.3) as well as on the Apple Mac [...]
30. March 2018
HomePod reader report featured image

Reader's report: The Apple HomePod in a practical test - is it worth buying?

A reader recently wrote to me that he could write me a little review about the HomePod because he took one home from a trip to the USA. Of course, I am happy to receive this offer [...]
27. February 2018

Senner Music: hearing protection for music, work and sleep (sponsor)

Hearing protection in the form of earplugs and over-ear attachments are simply essential in many noisy environments. However, most conventional noise protection aids made of foam or wadding are only used for working on loud machines or for sleeping on [...]
15. February 2018

Promotion: Beats X Bluetooth headphones on Amazon for 79 euros (instead of 149,95 euros)

The Beats X from Apple / Beats by Dr. Dre are wireless in-ear headphones for mobile use via Bluetooth. Thanks to the built-in W1 chip from Apple, which is also used in the EarPods, this is [...]
29. January 2018

Farrago: Soundboard Mac app for podcast, radio and theater

Farrago is a soundboard app for the Mac that was launched by the software developer Rogue Amoeba. Known from audio applications such as SoundSource (offers advanced sound settings under macOS) or Loopback (recording tool), the audiophile team delivers [...]
22. January 2018

JQBX App for Mac and iPhone: Listen to Spotify in a network

JQBX is an app designed for macOS on the Mac as well as for iOS on the iPhone, which is pronounced like a jukebox and is also used like one: for the simultaneous sounding of different people with the same music. [...]
21. December 2017
Here in my hand you can see the size of the sphere well. This is also my favorite light effect, which also changes slowly.

In the test: LED color-changing ball bluetooth speaker - a feast for the eyes

This speaker falls out of line for several reasons. On the one hand, it can't be compared visually with any other (in any case, I haven't seen anyone with so many "glitter frills"). And on the other hand he is a [...]
20. December 2017

BOSE SoundLink Micro: waterproof Bluetooth speaker

The BOSE SoundLink Micro is an IPX7-waterproof Bluetooth speaker with microphone, which is not only intended for the clear playback of music, podcast episodes or audio books with bass, but also as a hands-free option for calls, Siri, [... ]
6. December 2017
Syllable D9X Headphones Buy Order Amazon Test Review Review

Test: Syllable D9X - wireless Bluetooth headphones with exchangeable batteries

I already briefly introduced the Syllable D9X Bluetooth headphones without cables and with replaceable batteries in November. The in-ear headphones look similar to a Bluetooth headset for on the go and, thanks to the total of four [...]