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14 JULY 2015
Locafox iPhone app

The "Click & Collect" principle - a practical alternative for quick shopping?

Online shopping has become a matter of course for most of us, but the disadvantages are obvious: There are shipping costs, if the goods do not fit or you do not like the way to [...]
18. May 2015
Kensington USB 3.0 HUB photo

Reader's tip: USB 3.0 hub with charging function for iPad and iPhone

I just got an email from Quincy who, as a loyal reader of my blog, is also concerned about the satisfaction of the other readers. He read a recommendation in the Macwelt newsletter about the [...]
8. March 2015
Top up mobile phone credit with

This is how it works: Top up mobile phone credit on your iPhone or Mac online

Forgot your phone card while shopping? I knew that all too well, and then I sat at home on Sunday and couldn't use my phone - at least not to make calls ... Angry Birds was on [...]
8. February 2015
iPhone 6 competition

iPhone competitions - take part and win the cream!

What applies to iPads (see our list of iPad competitions), of course, also applies to the ever-popular iPhones: Everyone would like to have one, but you don't always have the necessary change or want a contract [...]
13. January 2015
Amazon online shop logo

Voucher code Amazon 5 euros, 10 euros or 20 euros

Shopping at Amazon has recently become much cheaper if you pay attention to promotional vouchers from Amazon and, for example, use a voucher code Amazon 5 euros. Since 2015 the online shop has also had coupons [...]
14. December 2014
Mobile phone beanbag handmade

Smartphone sofa: my iPhone is now sitting on a cellphone beanbag!

Christmas time is really cool. You get gifts delivered without being asked, which you can also use! Yesterday a package arrived at my place, but I was only able to open it because I [...]
12. December 2014
CSL battery hand warmer

The best USB cordless pocket warmers for winter (2020/2021 update)

The post has become quite long now and I think many of you are not necessarily keen to read 15 minutes about the functions and properties of hand warmers. For this reason I have [...]
21. September 2014
Røde Podcaster and BeyerDynamic headphones

Sell ​​used USB microphones and headphones in a set for podcasters

Today something on my own behalf ... I would like to sell a used set consisting of a USB microphone, studio headphones, microphone holder and microphone spider. I bought the set about a year ago because one of my customers [...]
12. September 2014
iPhone 6 order

iPhone 6 ordered and sold out? Check availability online!

My iPhone 6 is reserved! Fortunately, I received a push message this morning that reported that the iPhone 6 was already being sold out. I immediately sat down at the Mac and my [...]
22th of June 2014
Diablo 3 on the Mac

Diablo 3 on the Mac - is it worth buying a second-hand?

I have to admit, I was a real fan of the first and second versions of Diablo. I played both on the Mac and since I don't want a Windows PC, I also played on the third [...]