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4. September 2013
Kindle on sale

Amazon Kindle for 49 EUR on offer

With the current offer from Amazon you can order the smallest Kindle (Kindle Classic, so to speak) for 49 EUR. With that you have reached a price at which you don't really have to think anymore. The Kindle is [...]
9. August 2013
E27-E14 adapter

E27 to E14 adapter for Philips Hue LED lighting system

The LED lighting system [Philips Hue Connected Bulp-> philips-hue] has found a lot of supporters. Of course, there are negative voices who are upset about the high price of the devices, but on the other hand there are many enthusiastic users who are [...]
7th of June 2013
Fitbit Flex fitness bracelet

Buy Fitbit Flex on Amazon - available now!

After the release date of the Fitbit Flex fitness bracelet in Germany was 6.6.2013/XNUMX/XNUMX, I just checked whether you could already buy the good piece - and lo and behold: It is already at [...]
27. May 2013
Buy Xbox One

Buy Xbox one in Germany

Many Xbox fans have been eagerly awaiting an opportunity to buy them in Germany since they were introduced. However, neither the release date nor the price of the Xbox One is currently known. The online shipping Amazon still has [...]
24. May 2013
Microsoft Xbox One

Buy Xbox One - pre-order now on Amazon

Microsoft recently unveiled its new Xbox One game console. The group sees the Xbox One not only as a console but as the center of media events in the house. Among other things, the box should [...]
April 22, 2013
JBL on tour speakers

Mobile loudspeakers with rechargeable batteries for iPhone / iPod sound in the garden

The temperatures are slowly creeping up and people actually dare to go outside the front door without a down jacket. I would say: summer is coming! The first civic duty is of course to clear your front yard of weeds [...]
14. March 2013
Kindle Fire HD

8,9-inch Kindle Fire HD now available on Amazon

The [eBook reader Kindle-> kindle] was actually not seen in direct competition with the iPad. Anyone who was into eInk book reading got a Kindle and those who were more into colorful entertainment grabbed the [Apple iPad-> ipad]. [...]
22. February 2013
7x7 Rubik's Cube

7 × 7 Rubik's Cube: A tough egg - even for speed cube experts

Solving puzzles is always a nice activity when the computer is busy with video rendering or other important things. Now there are people who like to play on their iPhone and others who like [...]
23. January 2013
iPad mini white

Apple iPad mini - technical data and special features

The iPad mini is the little brother of the "big" iPad. At 20 x 13,5 cm, the Apple iPad mini lies comfortably in the hand and still offers the variety of apps that the iPad 4 [...]
17. December 2012
Philips Tornado daylight lamp 60W

Bright daylight lamp with energy-saving technology: the Philips Tornado with 4200 lumens

I have owned a desk lamp with a full spectrum tube for several years. The light takes a bit of getting used to at the beginning, as the eyes simply perceive it as "bluish" and cold after working forever with yellowish halogen spotlight, but this [...]