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8 October 2019

[Update] Connect Bluetooth headphones to the Nintendo Switch (also Lite)

Although the Joy-Cons and the Pro Controller can be connected wirelessly to the Nintendo Switch, the Bluetooth module is not open for headphones. If you have headsets with a long USB or jack cable, that's okay. [...]
7 October 2019

[Solved] Which SD card goes into the Nintendo Switch Lite?

The Nintendo Switch Lite is the cheaper handheld version of the hybrid console Nintendo Switch, which was released in 2017, but has also been slimmed down in terms of functions. The Lite is a bit smaller, has less weight and has a slightly longer battery life. [...]
28 September 2019
Elegant design and functionality - the connection convinced me with the BenQ ScreenBar desk lamp (photos: Sir Apfelot).

In the test: BenQ ScreenBar - the perfect desk lamp for monitor workers

A few weeks ago, BenQ offered me to test the ScreenBar. Back then I was still thinking, "Ok, a desk lamp with LED ... nothing special, but I can take a look at it." Today I am more than [...]
6 September 2019

Rumors Confirmed: SNES Games On Nintendo Switch Online

As part of the Nintendo Direct published yesterday, numerous game titles were announced for the Nintendo Switch. In addition, a rumor from the last few weeks was confirmed in the almost 40-minute video: SNES games that were played via the Nintendo Switch service [...]
29 August 2019

Gallium Nitride Power Supplies - What is GaN and why are chargers so good at it?

Chargers with gallium nitride (GaN) are now offered by various manufacturers. The silicon alternative used in these power supplies and their chips has several advantages. For example, the loaders are more space-saving and lighter; by a […]
23 August 2019

IPv4 and IPv6 - the difference between Internet addresses explained in simple terms

In order to identify, assign, address and supply a device with data on the Internet, it needs an IP address. IP stands for "Internet Protocol", the network protocol on which the global network is based. I believe that […]
18 August 2019

Tip: Supremery bag for Canon Selphy CP1300 / CP1200

A few months ago I bought the Canon Selphy CP1300 mini photo printer, which has since printed out a large number of photos for me. So far, all pictures have been printed in convincing quality and I can [...]
14 August 2019

Nintendo Switch Accessory Set: snakebyte GAMER: KIT S Sound & Protect

With the GAMER: KIT S, snakebyte, a well-known manufacturer of gaming accessories for PCs and consoles, has released a set for the Nintendo Switch. The nickname "Sound & Protect" already indicates the scope: in addition to protective accessories [...]
1 August 2019

Speedlink VOLITY READY Streaming Starter Set - Microphone for Podcast, Stream, Let's Play

Record a podcast, equip a Twitch stream with good sound quality and / or clearly comment on a Let's Play on YouTube - this is possible with the VOLITY READY Streaming Starter Set, according to the manufacturer Speedlink. The […]
13 July 2019
I think the look of the Wakey is successful. Some people are bothered by the fact that the time is not centered in the European format (without AM and PM) when it is displayed. I didn't even notice this.

In the test: Soundcore Wakey from Anker - a radio alarm clock rethought

A few days ago I got the Anker Soundcore Wakey, which has only recently been available on the German market. In principle, it is a radio alarm clock, which, however, uses the clock radio concept on