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14 August 2019

Nintendo Switch Accessory Set: snakebyte GAMER: KIT S Sound & Protect

With the GAMER: KIT S, snakebyte, a well-known manufacturer of gaming accessories for PCs and consoles, has released a set for the Nintendo Switch. The nickname "Sound & Protect" already indicates the scope: in addition to protective accessories [...]
1 August 2019

Speedlink VOLITY READY Streaming Starter Set - Microphone for Podcast, Stream, Let's Play

Record a podcast, equip a Twitch stream with good sound quality and / or clearly comment on a Let's Play on YouTube - this is possible with the VOLITY READY Streaming Starter Set, according to the manufacturer Speedlink. The […]
13 July 2019
I think the look of the Wakey is successful. Some people are bothered by the fact that the time is not centered in the European format (without AM and PM) when it is displayed. I didn't even notice this.

In the test: Soundcore Wakey from Anker - a radio alarm clock rethought

A few days ago I got the Anker Soundcore Wakey, which has only recently been available on the German market. In principle, it is a radio alarm clock, which, however, uses the clock radio concept on
11 July 2019

Nintendo Switch Lite - is it worth buying the budget model?

After some rumors in the last few weeks and months, Nintendo has now confirmed this to be the truth: there will be a budget version of the "Switch" launched in 2019 in 2017. The Nintendo Switch Lite [...]
1 July 2019

Apple Arcade Compatible: These game controllers are supported

With Apple Arcade, the iPhone manufacturer brings cross-platform video games to devices with iOS, iPadOS, macOS and tvOS. But of course, to play the games correctly, you also need compatible controllers. Instead of own gamepads to create a proprietary [...]
14 June 2019
Thanks to the large battery pack, the Inmotion V10F can be used for such long tours that your feet usually need a break before starting the unicycle.

Inmotion V10F - Test and review of the Inmotion flagship unicycle

First, a short thank you to Hammer International and Inmotion (see, who sent me the electric unicycle for testing. I have to admit that I have always flirted with getting the model, because, after [...]
12 June 2019

SmartHalo 2 - New generation of bicycle sat nav is financed

I introduced SmartHalo to you over a year ago. The combination device consisting of bike navigation, fitness monitor, light and alarm system is the modern version of a bike computer. Due to the popularity of the product, the makers have continued [...]
30 May 2019

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Solving technical problems - especially in larger companies, but also in the family or among friends - is often the task of a suitably capable person. In addition to all knowledge and possible skills, [...]
28 May 2019

Apple iPod touch - 7th generation available since May 28, 2019

Today Apple introduced the new Apple iPod Touch, which is a renewed version of the previous model from 2015, without much fanfare. After four years, the Apple iPod touch 2019 (seventh generation) is now available with [...]
21 May 2019
The button for the closure is exactly where the index finger is anyway when you have the cup in your hand. It can be opened very quickly while drinking and closes again by itself thanks to the spring mechanism.

In the test: Stanley thermo mug with closure and almost 500 ml capacity

Every now and then I unfortunately have to bother you with achievements that, with the best will in the world, have nothing to do with Apple. I just take the liberty and sprinkle here and there a report about [...]