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16. January 2019

Sony PS Vita memory card - install more memory and move data

The Sony PS Vita is one of two mobile ways to play PlayStation ports and exclusive titles for Sony handhelds on the go. In addition to the PSP (PlayStation Portable), the Vita is particularly popular with hardcore fans and programmers of [...]
9. January 2019

LUMA Active: headband and hat with LED light for night athletes

The LUMA Active hat and the LUMA Active headband are equipped with a combination of polyamide microfibre and elastane as well as with LED light on the front and back. Started in 2015 as a Kickstarter project, the equipment [...]
7. January 2019
Blinkist prices - that's what the service costs

Blinkist: What are the costs?

If you don't know Blinkist yet, you can take a quick look at my experience report on this book-read-in-record-time service. There I explain how the Blinkist works, what the apps for iPhone and iPad can do and with how many new books [...]
3. January 2019
It's that easy to build a photo booth yourself.

Build your own photobooth - for weddings and other events!

The photobooth booths that you know from weddings, birthdays and other events can be built relatively easily yourself if you are willing to invest 150 to 200 euros and have an iPad. How this works will be [...]
28. December 2018
35C3 logo

35C3: Refreshing Memories - The Hackerkongress lectures as stream and video archive

For many "digitally-oriented" people, the Christmas season has been associated with the hacker congress organized by the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) for years. Today the event started in its 35th iteration (hence the abbreviation 35C3) and offers several [...]
19. December 2018
KS 18 L after arrival

With the electric unicycle KingSong KS 18 L through the dirty German winter weather

Today's trip with my EUC (electric unicycle) did not take place in the best conditions, but that's precisely why I think the experience is worthy enough to write a small article. Who my blog [...]
18. December 2018
The BigBlue hand warmer convinced me with its warmth, flashlight and power bank function (photos: Sir Apfelot).

In the test: BigBlue USB hand warmer with power bank and flashlight function

Cold paws in winter are not nice. And even if I'm not a big fan of Christmas markets, there are often enough walks or work around the house that make my fingers [...]
11. December 2018

Scissors, rock, paper, lizard, Spock - rules and T-shirts

Scissors, stone, paper, lizard, Spock - or Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock as it is called in the original - is a game that appeared in the US sitcom The Big Bang Theory and has since become part of the [...]
8. December 2018
With Frax HD you can admire fractals in retina resolution - also animated. A great toy for cozy Christmas days on the sofa.

Frax HD: Mandelbrot Crowd, Apple Men, Julia and other fractals on the iPad

Today there's another story about the legendary "past"! It was probably like that in the 90s of the last millennium when I had contact with "Mr. Mandelbrot" for the first time on my C64. At that time [...]
7. December 2018 - The nerd and geek shop

Amazon is all well and good, but if you are looking for that concentrated load of nerdy, gadgets, shirts, gifts as well as everyday objects and decoration for geeks, then a shop specializing in this is better. Such a nerd shop and [...]