Gadgets - just not for nerds

7. December 2018 - The nerd and geek shop

Amazon is all well and good, but if you are looking for that concentrated load of nerdy, gadgets, shirts, gifts as well as everyday objects and decoration for geeks, then a shop specializing in this is better. Such a nerd shop and [...]
6. December 2018

Fascinating physics toys for children and adults (part 3/3)

In the third and last part of this series of articles, I will once again present several physics toys for children and adults, which can be used to illustrate physical laws, processes and rules. Fun, learning success and sometimes also a [...]
5. December 2018

Fascinating physics toys for children and adults (part 2/3)

Science, technology, playing and learning - all of this can be realized simultaneously for children and adults with the right physics toy. In the first part of the series I already gave you the Euler disk, the Feel Flux [...]
4. December 2018

Fascinating physics toys for children and adults (part 1/3)

In order to be able to immerse yourself in the world of science and technology, you need a certain amount of enthusiasm in addition to dull school knowledge. This only arises when processes can be observed and experiments can be carried out by hand. Therefore […]
28. November 2018
Suitable gift idea for Christmas 2017 for small and large wallets

(Update!) Last minute Christmas presents for Christmas 2018

Christmas is around the corner. If you are still looking for last minute Christmas presents for boyfriend or girlfriend, for mom or dad, then you've come to the right place. Here you will find gifts for him and her from [...]
28. November 2018

Star Wars Cookbooks - Recipes from a galaxy far, far away

"Once upon a time there was a galaxy far, far away ..." - if the endorphins jump between the synapses at the beginning of this sentence, you can be happy. For the enjoyable time in Advent, for [...]
5. November 2018

For the Pac-Man generation: Thumbs Up mini retro console with 240 games

The so-called Thumbs Up is a mini-retro arcade-style console that has 240 different 16-bit games preinstalled. The small device with joystick, A and B button, a 2,5 inch display and three buttons for start, reset [...]
5. November 2018

The best games for the PlayStation VR from Sony - my personal top list

This is a guest article that was kindly made available to me by Holger. Holger has been responsible for all the technical things in the background of the Sir Apfelot website for many years and he helps me a lot with [...]
25. October 2018

Flameless LED tea lights with timer function for autumn and winter

It's getting really autumn; outside it's getting colder, grayer and windier. You want to wrap yourself up in a blanket on the couch at home or lie in the hot tub. And what […]
26. September 2018

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a game console from the Japanese manufacturer Nintendo that has been available since March 3rd, 2017, which is also available for the NES and SNES, the Game Boy, the Nintendo DS, the N64, the GameCube and the [...]