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5. November 2018

The best games for the PlayStation VR from Sony - my personal top list

This is a guest article that was kindly made available to me by Holger. Holger has been responsible for all the technical things in the background of the Sir Apfelot website for many years and he helps me a lot with [...]
25. October 2018

Flameless LED tea lights with timer function for autumn and winter

It's getting really autumn; outside it's getting colder, grayer and windier. You want to wrap yourself up in a blanket on the couch at home or lie in the hot tub. And what […]
26. September 2018

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a game console from the Japanese manufacturer Nintendo that has been available since March 3rd, 2017, which is also available for the NES and SNES, the Game Boy, the Nintendo DS, the N64, the GameCube and the [...]
20. September 2018

Buy Nintendo Switch Online and NES Controllers: Here's how!

The Nintendo Switch Online games offer has been available since yesterday, September 19, 2018. This not only makes it possible to load your saved data into the cloud and dust off exclusive content - you can also download old [...]
3. September 2018

Eve Room (New Version 2018)

With Eve Room you can keep an eye on the air quality at home via HomeKit and read values ​​such as temperature, humidity and air quality (VOC) in real time on the device. With the second generation of the Eve accessories, [...]
11. August 2018
Electric unicycle ride photo

My new hobby: learning to ride an electric unicycle (EUC)

Now some of you are probably asking, “What do I care about Sir Apfelot's new hobby? I want to read something about the new iPhone X Plus! ”. I can understand because I don't have a blog about hobbies, but [...]
8. August 2018

Flexound HUMU - speaker cushion (with test summary)

The Flexound HUMU is an "Augmented Audio Cushion", ie a loudspeaker cushion that is supposed to create an immersive audio experience. The speaker cushion should be less suitable for music and more for films, series and video games. In a flexound [...]
25 JULY 2018

Practical: headphone hanger for "under the desk"

If you always misplace your headphones and no longer want to search for them at your desk in the office, at home by the gaming computer or elsewhere, the headphone suspension from APPHOME could help you. Whether under the table, under the [...]
19 JULY 2018

WaterLily Turbine - outdoor charger for water, wind and crank

The WaterLily Turbine is a handy device for outdoor use that can be driven by wind and water as well as by a hand crank in an emergency. The aim is to generate electricity to power the battery of cell phones, [...]
9 JULY 2018

Pomelo P5 test - E-Longboard compared to the Boosted Board

The motorized longboard Pomelo P5 is a well thought-out, robust and, compared to the most famous e-skateboard, the Boosted Board, also inexpensive vehicle with Bluetooth remote control. I put the Pomelo P5 to the test and [...]