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8. August 2018

Flexound HUMU - speaker cushion (with test summary)

The Flexound HUMU is an "Augmented Audio Cushion", ie a loudspeaker cushion that is supposed to create an immersive audio experience. The speaker cushion should be less suitable for music and more for films, series and video games. In a flexound [...]
25 JULY 2018

Practical: headphone hanger for "under the desk"

If you always misplace your headphones and no longer want to search for them at your desk in the office, at home by the gaming computer or elsewhere, the headphone suspension from APPHOME could help you. Whether under the table, under the [...]
19 JULY 2018

WaterLily Turbine - outdoor charger for water, wind and crank

The WaterLily Turbine is a handy device for outdoor use that can be driven by wind and water as well as by a hand crank in an emergency. The aim is to generate electricity to power the battery of cell phones, [...]
9 JULY 2018

Pomelo P5 test - E-Longboard compared to the Boosted Board

The motorized longboard Pomelo P5 is a well thought-out, robust and, compared to the most famous e-skateboard, the Boosted Board, also inexpensive vehicle with Bluetooth remote control. I put the Pomelo P5 to the test and [...]
4 JULY 2018

FRITZ! Dect 210 Smart Home socket for outdoors with IP44 protection class

Anyone who owns a FRITZ! Box as an internet and wireless router and is looking for a smart socket for outside should take a look at the FRITZ! Dect 210 (here on Amazon). The splash-proof device can be conventional [...]
28th of June 2018

Elgato Eve Aqua - Water Computer with HomeKit Compatibility

If you are looking for an irrigation computer or an additional component for the tap that can be smartly controlled to help you water your garden, greenhouse or lawn, then the Elgato Eve Aqua could be the right choice. [...]
28th of June 2018

Nanoleaf Remote: 12-sided cube as an LED remote control (HomeKit compatible)

Nanoleaf recently officially introduced the "Nanoleaf Remote" remote control and launched it for free sale. Under the control element for the manufacturer's LED panels, one shouldn't imagine a plastic bar with buttons, but [...]
25th of June 2018

Ryze Tello - Technical data and information about the toy drone with DJI technology

The Ryze DJI Tello drone is a small, light and specially designed quadrocopter for the young target group. The plane is comparatively cheap and offers not only a camera but also the possibility of doing tricks and programming [...]
18th of June 2018

Probably the best Nintendo Switch bag

After initial concerns, the Nintendo Switch was able to establish itself as a hybrid console and is now the favorite of old and new Nintendo fans in 2018. If you want to transport the Nintendo Switch safely, to be on the way or with friends [...]
13th of June 2018

EasyAcc USB fan "Spiral Wind" (+ hand fan) in the test

There are numerous devices for the upcoming summer that are supposed to make work at the desk and computer easier. Among other things, the EasyAcc Spiral Wind as a table and USB fan for connection to the computer or the power bank [...]