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11. May 2018

devolo Outdoor Powerline adapter for WLAN in the garden

With its Powerline devices, devolo already offers a good selection of router and repeater technology for the Internet at home. However, if you are not only in the house and apartment, but also on the balcony, terrace or in the garden [...]
7. May 2018

Lumos Smart Bike Helmet: bike helmet with lights and indicators

The Lumos Smart Bike Helmet is a bicycle helmet that combines lights, indicators, brake signals and safety for the head. But it is not only useful as a helmet for cyclists and thus for the integrity of the head, [...]
3. May 2018

Car charger with USB distributor for the back seat

Are you looking for a USB distributor for the car that the passengers in the back seat can also use to use their smartphones, tablets, Nintendo Switch, DS or other mobile devices and charge their batteries? Then this car charger from CHGeek could be the right one for you.
3. May 2018

The right SD card for the Nintendo Switch

There are various options for expanding the memory of the Nintendo Switch using an SD card and storing game screenshots, game videos or other data on it, thereby relieving the internal storage space. Various supported [...]
April 30, 2018

SmartHalo - intelligent bike computer with navigation system, light, fitness and alarm

The Canadian company Smart Halo Technologies launched its smart bicycle accessory SmartHalo some time ago. I have now taken a closer look at it and would like to those of you who [...]
April 25, 2018

XOD: Easy programming by drag and drop for Arduino boards

Arduino boards are modern electrical construction kits that can produce smart devices and technical innovations using circuit boards, chips, sensors, input and output elements and other parts. The disadvantage for hobbyists who mainly understand hardware: [...]
April 16, 2018

DJI battery charging case for TB50 Intelligent Battery, remote control and USB devices

Do you have a DJI drone or several drones in use that require the TB50 Intelligent Battery as a battery? Then the DJI battery charging case IN2BS is just right for you! Especially for longer deployments [...]
April 10, 2018

3DConnexion SpaceNavigator - Mouse for Google Earth and 3D modeling / CAD

The 3DConnexion SpaceNavigator mouse is an input device for the computer with which you can navigate more intuitively and naturally in applications such as Google Earth (for Chrome) or NASA WorldWind. Whether for research, as [...]
21. March 2018

Selling a DJI drone - How to delete your flight data from the copter

When commissioning a DJI drone, you have to register it and usually you also couple it with an app on the smartphone or tablet. A lot of data is exchanged, a user account is created and flight data is recorded. [...]
20. March 2018

Apple MacBook, Mac and iMac SSD adapter kit for retrofitting: replace the internal SuperDrive with a hard disk

Do you still have an older Apple MacBook (Pro), an older iMac, a Mac mini or even an iBook with a SuperDrive for CDs, DVDs and CD-ROMs, then you might be toying with the idea that [...]