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5. March 2018

Laptop cooler tested: AUKEY CP-R2 with MacBook and Lenovo G550

An external fan for the mobile computer, a so-called laptop cooler or notebook cooler pad, is useful if the device often heats up noticeably. Especially in summer, in the heated apartment, in the warm office and [...]
1. March 2018

Nintendo Labo: Toy-Con cardboard box for the Switch

Nintendo Labo is the name of the new highlight from the makers of the Nintendo Switch, which will be available soon. Optionally in three versions - design package, multi-set and robo-set - you can from April 27, 2018 the Toy-Con extensions for Nintendo's console hit [...]
26. February 2018

AC / DC power bank with Euro plug socket: Omnicharge and NOVOO Powerstation

An AC / DC power bank with a Euro plug connection, i.e. a mobile power supply with alternating current and direct current, is ideal if you not only want to charge devices via USB-A and USB Type C, but also laptop, camera, drone / drone battery [... ]
21. February 2018

Mouse pad with Qi charging surface

In the office, in the home office or on the private gaming computer: a mouse pad with Qi charging corner for fast charging of iPhone X, iPhone 8 / Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8, Nexus devices and other smartphones is a practical extension [... ]
20. February 2018

Range of the drone remote control: What does the information in FCC / CE mean?

If you want to buy a drone, especially a camera drone with photo and video recording options, many questions arise when researching the best model. Some are already answered here in the blog, [...]
14. February 2018

Test: Roborock Sweep One S50 (Xiaomi Mi Gen. 2) with wipe function

In the test of the Roborock Sweep One S50 vacuum cleaner robot with wiping function, which is the second generation of the Xiaomi Mi Vacuum and can also be controlled via the Mi Home app, I found advantages and disadvantages [...]
12. February 2018
This is what the Mavic Air looks like with a filter from the PolarPro Cinema Series (Photo: PolarPro).

DJI Mavic Air accessories: ND filter

The use of ND filters ("ND filter" stands for neutral density filter) is useful if you want to extend the exposure time of the drone camera. This can be the case when filming, for example, in order to create a motion blur that [...]
12. February 2018

Moon lamp: LED lamp with moon map as a gadget for moon addicts

For all science fiction friends among you and those who, like me as a child and adolescent, liked to get closer to the moon with binoculars and later with the telescope, there is the following [...]
9. February 2018
What you should know about Mavic Air

DJI Mavic Air: What You Should Know Before Buying!

In the last few days I have been struggling with myself as to whether I should buy the DJI Mavic Air or not. During that time I looked at so many reviews and footage that I felt [...]
8. February 2018

New from Koogeek: WLAN light switches and dimmers with HomeKit connection

Koogeek, a provider of smart home accessories with HomeKit connection for use via iOS and Siri on the iPhone and iPad, has launched new light switches and dimmers for lighting in the house. These […]