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27. September 2017
Buy a quadrocopter sticker to identify the camera drone

Drone license plates for DJI Phantom, Mavic Pro / Air and Spark

From October 1, 2017, stickers for drones, quadrocopter, camera drones and the like with a takeoff weight of 250 grams or more are mandatory. Since April 2017 it has actually been clear that there will be a labeling requirement for drones, as in [...]
26. September 2017

Ataribox: hardware, system, price and release published!

Atari has just released new information about the Ataribox, the new console from the former video game giant. If in the last few months it was only guesswork, there are actually details about the hardware, the operating system, the scope of services of the [...]
22. September 2017
Buy Justin Trudeau's Chewbacca Socks - Star Wars Merchandise on Amazon

Justin Trudeau's Chewbacca socks

In the past, nerd topics were ridiculed and held back from the crowd, today news on all sorts of nerdy areas is spreading around the world as quickly as hardly anything else. So also the affinity to Star [...]
1. September 2017

LEGO Boost: Set 17101 brings a robot cat, rover, guitar and more

Back in January in connection with CES 2017, I told you about the new LEGO Boost robotics set and some test experiences - you can find the article here. At that time it was still said that the new [...]
30. August 2017

Smatree SmaCup: Powerbank for Amazon Echo Dot 2nd generation

If you use the Echo Dot from Amazon and want to use Alexa not only at the socket, but also mobile in the whole apartment or even on the go, then the Smatree SmaCup is perhaps the right thing for
29. August 2017
Masking off Apple MacBook Skin, Apple Logo

Laptop sticker: Skins by TaylorHe for MacBook (Pro) and Co.

Laptop stickers, skins and design stickers for the laptop or especially for the Apple MacBook have been around since the first notebook came onto the market. Whether you are dissatisfied with the back of the laptop screen [...]
25. August 2017

WLAN surveillance camera: Nest Cam for indoors and outdoors

If you are looking for a surveillance camera with which you can monitor your house, apartment or the outside space via WLAN and app while on the go using your smartphone and tablet, then the Nest Cam models for the [...]
16. August 2017
The display is easy to read in dark rooms. But that changes quickly when you add lighting for photos, for example. See next photo (below).

In the test: The Satechi USB-C multimeter for measuring voltage and current on the USB-C port

For the "normal" USB port I already have various USB multimeters that measure the current and voltage that flows through the USB port. With the acquisition of my new MacBook Pro, however, another new acquisition was [...]
4. August 2017

Test: AUKEY Bluetooth speakers SK-M30 and SK-M31 in comparison

Bluetooth speakers are ideal if you want to play music or other audio wirelessly from smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers and many other devices. Well-known manufacturers such as JBL and Bose offer a wide variety of Bluetooth speakers, but [...]
26 JULY 2017

HDMI signal on iMac: Stream and record via Elgato Game Capture HD60 S.

If you want to connect a game console such as the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation or Xbox to the iMac in order to use it as a monitor or television or to stream / record your gameplay, then you can [...]