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15. December 2017

Equinux tizi tank station: now with 75 watts, 1x USB-C PD and 3x USB-A

The tizi petrol station or petrol station from Equinux has been and is a topic here in the blog several times. It is a multiple charger for the socket, which, depending on the version, offers different connections and charging capacities. The […]
11. December 2017

Nintendo Classic Mini SNES available again on Amazon (short message)

You can now - shortly before Christmas 2017 - order the retro console Nintendo Classic Mini SNES again from Amazon. After the quick sell-out, the launch of the Mini Super Nintendo Entertainment System with 21 pre-installed [...]
3. November 2017
Build real cities in Minecraft, automatically create maps

WorldBloxer: Real cities as Minecraft worlds

If you like to play Minecraft, but have a hard time building your own worlds, or if you have just started with the building game, WorldBloxer from GeoBoxers could be a good offer. At a current introductory price [...]
20. October 2017

Drone Driver's License: Important Differences in Proof of Knowledge

Drones, the “drone driving license” and similar topics about flying with quadrocopters, the legal aspects related to them and the corresponding proof of knowledge are an integral part of this blog. The idea of ​​looking more closely into the criteria and differences in the [...]
4. October 2017
Order SNES mini console, buy used, cheap, cheap, retro games, 21 games, list

Buy Nintendo Classic Mini: 21 games included!

Buy Nintendo Classic Mini - Retro games, especially video games from the 90s, have not just been available since the NES Classic Mini or the Ataribox. The latest highlight, however, is the recently officially [...]
4. October 2017

Fly the drone more quietly: DJI Low Noise Propeller for the Mavic Pro

If you want to fly your drone quieter, then hopefully you have a DJI Mavic Pro, because there are now low noise propellers for these. These came with the current DJI Mavic Pro Platinum (2017) on [...]
29. September 2017

Presale: New Xiaomi Smart Robot vacuum robot with wiping function

From the smart device manufacturer Xiaomi, who works on intelligent household appliances together with Roborock, the new version of the Xiaomi Smart Robot vacuum robot will be launched in November 2017. The new generation of the vacuum cleaner robot, which here and there [...]
27. September 2017
Buy a quadrocopter sticker to identify the camera drone

Drone license plates for DJI Phantom, Mavic Pro / Air and Spark

From October 1, 2017, stickers for drones, quadrocopter, camera drones and the like with a takeoff weight of 250 grams or more are mandatory. Since April 2017 it has actually been clear that there will be a labeling requirement for drones, as in [...]
26. September 2017

Ataribox: hardware, system, price and release published!

Atari has just released new information about the Ataribox, the new console from the former video game giant. If in the last few months it was only guesswork, there are actually details about the hardware, the operating system, the scope of services of the [...]
22. September 2017
Buy Justin Trudeau's Chewbacca Socks - Star Wars Merchandise on Amazon

Justin Trudeau's Chewbacca socks

In the past, nerd topics were ridiculed and held back from the crowd, today news on all sorts of nerdy areas is spreading around the world as quickly as hardly anything else. So also the affinity to Star [...]