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19. August 2021

Three UGREEN USB-C chargers with 100 watts of power

Most mobile devices, from flashlights to laptops, can now be charged using universal power supplies. For example, you can feed the battery of iPhone, iPad and MacBook via USB chargers; all the better if this [...]
18. August 2021

iPad Pro Dock from Satechi: USB-C hub with 6-in-1 function (+ alternatives)

For the Apple iPad Pro with USB-C connection, Satechi has a really well-rated USB-C hub with various connections. In addition to a USB-C connection with Power Delivery for charging the battery with up to 60 watts, [...]
11. August 2021
MagDrop and MagSafe from bluelounge

MagWrap cable ties and MagDrop cable holders in the test

I received two sets of cable holders from bluelounge, which magnetically hold the cables in place or tie the cables together. The sets were made available to me free of charge, but this had no [...]
6. August 2021
Velcro cable ties with eyelets

Velcro cable ties with eyelets in a set with different lengths - my pick (KW32)

This week I have a very practical tip for you. In principle, I wanted to introduce Velcro cable ties in general as a recommendation, but a few days ago I had to reorder some and there [...]
26 JULY 2021

The best use cases for Apple's AirTags

With the Apple AirTags, the iPhone manufacturer from Cupertino has brought a couple of extensively applicable trackers with Bluetooth, NFC and ultra broadband onto the market. But one or the other might wonder what purpose [...]
24 JULY 2021
Fascia roll against back pain

With a fascia roll against back pain - my pick for week 29

I rarely slide into the health corner on this blog, but in this case I think that there is a certain overlap between Apple users (or computer owners in general) and the presence of back pain [...]
9 JULY 2021
Catch spiders with the Snapy

Catch spiders with the snapy pick of the week in CW27

I like to use the pick of the week to present products that have nothing to do with Apple. After my last pick (the Bite Away) was more concerned with insect bites, it goes [...]
29th of June 2021
In the test: electric air pump from Veeape

Cordless, electric battery-powered air pump with air pressure gauge in the test

In this article I would like to focus less on the exact product than on the "product type" itself. As you can already see from the heading, it is about the electrically operated air pumps with battery. [...]
21th of June 2021
Photo of the electronic bite away stab healer.

Electronic stitch healer from bite-away - my pick of the week in CW25

Some of you are probably already familiar with the device, but even if only three people do not know it, your life will now change! Why? Because mosquito bites are no longer a problem in the future. I have […]
24. May 2021
My pick: Switch Controller from Beboncool

Beboncool controller for the Nintendo Switch - my pick for KW21

My daughter's Nintendo Switch is a real little wonder: insanely good graphics, a good display and a handy design. The only drawback that the Switch for adults has are the tiny controllers, with [...]