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7. March 2017
Securely unscrew the Nintendo Switch, take it apart, repair instructions, Joy-Con, display. Battery mAh capacity, screwdriver tripoint, iFixit teardown Nintendo Switch

iFixit: Open Nintendo Switch, view and replace hardware & repair the console

The specialist site for teardown articles and repairs of technology, iFixit, has taken on the Nintendo Switch, gained knowledge while unscrewing it and is busy collecting tips and instructions for repairing the Switch. If you use the Nintendo Switch [...]
23. February 2017
Buy ApliFi HD Wifi Mesh Router from Amazon. Ubiquiti AmpliFi Home Wi-Fi System AFi-HD - Wireless Router - 4-Port Switch - GigE - 802.11abgnac - Dual-Band

Ubiquiti AmpliFi HD Home Mesh Wi-Fi System has been available in Germany since 2017

The Ubiquiti AmpliFi Home HD, or AmpliFi HD for short, has also been available in Germany since the beginning of January 2017. The radio system that gives your wireless network at home or in the office quite a bit of range [...]
7. February 2017
USB OTG On The Go Smartphone Android iOS iPhone Host Micro SD Lightning Adapter

USB OTG: Use USB devices on the go without a computer or laptop

USB OTG stands for "USB On The Go", ie for using USB devices on the go. If devices such as cameras and printers support the OTG or On-the-Go standard, then you do not need to connect a computer to take pictures from [...]
3. February 2017
MacBook Powerbank USB C Pro 2016 external battery mAh capacity Wh Volt battery capacity Apple

Powerbanks with USB-C connection for MacBook and MacBook Pro 2016 (Updated!)

The MacBook Pro 2016 comes with a USB-C port and is therefore perfect for charging with a power bank, i.e. an external battery, on the go. Which power bank for the MacBook and the MacBook Pro 2016 [...]
30. January 2017
Lego Boost Robot Motor Learn Programming App iOS Android for children, teenagers, adults, lessons

Lego Boost: Robots, learning to program, using sensors and more with blocks

Lego already has a regular place in this blog, from August 2017, in addition to the robot, programming and technology sets already presented, Lego Boost will also be added. Lego Boost is intended to bring children closer to robotics and programming in a playful way [...]
26. January 2017
Robosexuality Robot Human Love Relationship Sex Lilly

Robosexuality: A Robot as a Partner for Relationship and Sex?

Granted, robosexuality has only a little to do with Apple, but a lot to do with the nerd stuff & gadgets category - after all, there are already people who want to marry robots. Apart from films like Der 200-Jahre-Mann [...]
20. January 2017

USB stick and digital dictation machine in one: 2 in 1 flash drive for voice recordings

A combination of USB stick and voice recorder, also known as a USB voice recorder stick, can help you record a meeting, lecture or class, conversation or interview, and other audio. The advantage: after the [...]
19. January 2017
Image source: Graphene, graphene, carbon compound, battery life, Nano Stockholm

Stickers and sleeves made of graphene: longer battery life by cooling the smartphone?

Among other things, the Nano brand of Stockholm Industries AB from Sweden offers graphene solutions on the Nanocase website with the NanoSticker and NanoSkin, which are intended to increase the battery life of smartphones. With the […]
17. January 2017

SanDisk Ultra 256 GB microSD card with Application Performance Class Standard A1

Admittedly, the title SanDisk Ultra 256 GB microSD card with Application Performance Class Standard A1 is a monster word that should provide a little explanation. And this is exactly what you will find in this post. Here I would like to [...]
13. January 2017

Thunderbolt and USB-C displays for the MacBook Pro 2016: monitors, adapters and co

Since Apple will significantly reduce its hardware in the future and hopes for a new Thunderbolt display have been dispelled, the question of alternatives such as USB-C monitors is in the room. An accomplice in the connection of [...]