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28 December 2016
LEGO 31313 Mindstorms EV3 set - the basis for all possible robots, machines and helpers. Image: Amazon

Video recommendation: The best projects with LEGO Mindstorms EV3 on YouTube

The LEGO 31313 Mindstorms EV3 set has fascinated me for a long time, and until the price of this robot set is at a level that is comfortable for me, I'll find out more about exciting Lego Mindstorms EV3 projects on YouTube [...]
19 December 2016

Wireless LAN extension cable: the best WLAN cable in the test (with no experience report)

Wireless LAN cable or WLAN cable; whatever you call it, it has become an indispensable part of my work on this blog as well as on other pages on the World Wide Web. As also with regard to [...]
15 December 2016
Neo Magazin Game Royale Game Download Experience Test Jan Böhmermann Secret of Jannis Island alluded to

Game Royale 2: The Secret of Jannis Island - New Neo Magazin Royale video game with Jan Böhmermann

On December 15, 2016, there was not only the last episode of Neo Magazin Royale for this year (and the last for Dendemann); it was also the new Game Royale with the title "The Secret of [...]
15 December 2016
A game camera with night vision function is suitable for game observation, but also for building and property security. Thanks to the motion sensor, a wildlife camera reliably records images and videos as soon as animals or people move in the field of vision - ideal as a surveillance camera!

Photo trap: observe animals or monitor the property (updated!)

If you have your own piece of forest, want to track down animals in your garden or want to use a photo trap as a surveillance camera to secure your property, you will find a large selection of wildlife cameras on the internet. Here I would like to [...]
9 December 2016
Now available for pre-order on Amazon: The Walking Dead DVD box with seasons 1 to 6 (Photo: Amazon).

The Walking Dead DVD Box Season 1 - 6 - pre-order now!

Around 2003, Robert Kirkman had the idea for a story about a zombie apocalypse. The Walking Dead was initially published monthly in the form of a comic at Image Comics until the decision was made to also make a series [...]
7 December 2016
Wonder Workshop Dash robot buy online for Christmas order Amazon child Christmas gift Learn to program Image source: Amazon

Dash robot from Wonder Workshop: this is how children learn to program in a fun way

If you are still looking for a Christmas present for the children so that they can easily learn to program, you should take a look at the Dash robot from Wonder Workshop. The Wonder Workshop Dash robot is delivered via free [...]
6 December 2016
Conceptual image of an Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch Bar for the iMac or Mac Pro. It remains to be seen whether the keyboard with Touch Bar will become a reality. Image source:

Apple Magic Keyboard: will the keyboard come with Touch Bar for iMac and Mac Pro?

The Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro from Apple inspires fans of the Cupertino-based manufacturer to assume that there will be a keyboard for iMac and Mac Pro including OLED strips. How about imgur and reddit [...]
6 December 2016

Star Wars ice cube mold: also ideal as a baking mold and for chocolate or pralines

Celebrate New Year's Eve with Star Wars ice cubes or give away chocolate in the form of R2-D2, Darth Vader, the Millennium Falcon or a Stormtrooper for Christmas - all this and much more is available with [...]
2 December 2016
buy crazybaby mars online image source:

crazybaby Mars: mobile Bluetooth sound system with floating speaker

The crazybaby Mars is a mobile speaker that can be used to stream music via Bluetooth and the crazybaby app. The sound system comes with two units: the base station with subwoofer, battery, USB outputs and of course a power input; [...]
1 December 2016
The Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter V2 in comparison with wireless HDMI adapters from VicTsing and ELEGIANT. Not every dongle can stream Windows, iOS, OS X, macOS, Android and Chrome OS.

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter: Function, Compatibility and Alternatives for iOS and Android

Okay, the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter V2 has been on the market since March 2016, but regular readers already know that this is not always about the latest industry, but about recent discoveries from [...]