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3 November 2016
best laptop blog ipad

The best laptop for bloggers, travelers, and digital nomads

Which is the best laptop for bloggers, which technical equipment does it have to bring for travelers and digital nomads? The answers to these questions consist on the one hand of objectively assessable data and on the other hand of the [...]
2 November 2016
samsung dv180f selfie camera

The right selfie camera: self-portraits with different models

Words like selfie and selfie stick are already in the dictionary, and the selfie camera or selfie camera will certainly follow. Contrary to some critical voices, this has nothing to do with the deterioration of the German language, [...]
31 October 2016
hex bug 50112401 battle spider

Hexbug Battle Spider Twin Pack: Toys for big and small robot fans

Spider robots for Christmas may not please everyone, but technology freaks and friends of robot battles can let off steam with the Battle Spider devices from Hexbug. The visually appealing Battle Spider robots can be [...]
21 October 2016
360 video lhc cern bbc 2016

LHC particle accelerator at CERN: 360 ° video shows the big bang machine in an all-round view

Not only since Casey Neistat posted a 360 ° video from the Oscars, where Leonardo DiCaprio finally got a mini-statue, we know that this type of interactive video is the latest trend on YouTube. [...]
19 October 2016
mobile photo printer iphone ipad macbook printer comparison instant camera instant camera hp polaroid fujitsu

Print photos on the go: Mobile photo printer for iPhone, iPad and MacBook

Printing photos yourself is no longer a problem in drugstores, electronics stores or at home. But spontaneously printing a photo on the go, on vacation or in another situation, that's not yet the case [...]
13 October 2016
amazon dash button hack smart home dash button dudes instructions diy

Dash Button Dudes: A Blog Full of Ideas for the Amazon Dash Button Hack

Performing an Amazon Dash Button Hack is not difficult for technically savvy users. There are also a lot of ideas for new areas of application for the small buttons, which are actually used to order certain goods from [...]
13 October 2016
iphone 6s case iphone 6 selfie case leds case protection selfie lighting led

The best LED selfie sleeves and cases for the iPhone 6 / 6s (Plus)

The selfie: for some, a way of living out one's narcissism digitally. For others, it's an art form of its own. Personally, I'm not that fixated on the looks (of people or myself), but of course I respect people who [...]
10 October 2016

RAVPower card reader, WLAN repeater, power bank, ... the egg-laying woolly milk pig

The wireless SD card reader, WiFi router, WiFi repeater, 6000 mAh power bank and so on called RAVPower FileHub is apparently an inexpensive "egg-laying woolly milk pig" for travelers. Especially travelers who consider themselves "digital nomads" who watch films, [...]
10 October 2016

Fitness tracker for children: Garmin vivofit jr. notes steps and movements

Whether to motivate the children or because they also want something like a smartwatch: a fitness tracker can also be a good idea for the little ones. With the Garmin vívofit jr. parents can also [...]
4 October 2016
gotenna mesh data sheet comparison models new 2016 kickstarter news without network wifi mobile radio own cell phone network

goTenna Mesh: set up your own cellular network with friends

The goTenna Mesh is the latest model from the US-based company goTenna. The boys and girls there have set themselves the goal of creating their own mobile networks for end users. How do you with the [...]