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13 October 2014
M2E Power USB charger

Charge the battery through movement - new technology is just around the corner

“Never again an empty battery!”, That is certainly the wish of many smartphone users. Nowadays there is hardly anyone who is not equipped with a cell phone, tablet, MP3 player or navigation device. Often one hears for the reason [...]
25 September 2014
UPS notification

The new iPhone 6 - my first impression

Most people who have ordered an iPhone will be familiar with this situation: You expect the delivery every day, you are gone for a while, come home and find a notification from UPS in the mailbox, which gives you [...]
31 July 2014
Coffee selection

The most expensive coffee in the world ... is not Kopi Luwak!

When I first heard from Kopi Luwak, I must have looked very strange. With the mention of the name, the explanation came as well, why the Kopi Luwak [...]
25 June 2014
The Big Bang Theory logo

Lyrics from The Big Bang Theory Intro in German

I have to admit, I'm a late bloomer in the series "[The Big Bang Theory-> the-big-bang-theory-dvd-box]". The American sitcom has been around since 2007 and only now have I started with the first [...]
20 June 2014
Apple iWatch Reloaded

iWatch release date: The release date of the Apple Smartwatch is out

Sooner or later everything leaks ... including the release date of the Apple iWatch, which has not yet been officially confirmed. The fact that Apple is working on a smartwatch is unlikely to be in question, but the boss Tim Cook has [...]
26 April 2014
rechargeable eneloop batteries

Sanyo eneloop battery AA / AAA - test and charger recommendation from me

Those who rely on long-lasting and rechargeable batteries are certainly already familiar with so-called Eneloop batteries. This is also a NiMH battery, but it has surprisingly good technical values ​​and an extremely slow self-discharge. Many other […]
16 April 2014
Keep an eye on the baby with the Withings baby monitor.

WiFi baby monitor: the Withings Smart Baby Monitor in the test

Withings not only has an extremely cool scale, but also a very useful baby monitor, which I would like to introduce to you today. As an explanation for all those who still warmly [...] with a baby monitor
15 April 2014

Anker USB charger "Smartport" and vouchers from Anker and tizi

Anyone who travels with a smartphone, tablet, camera, etc. over the Easter holidays knows the problem: countless batteries are waiting to be stowed in the much too small pockets. Hardly arrived at the dear relatives, [...]
15 December 2013
Electric pocket warmer from CSL

Electric pocket warmer and USB power bank in one

Update: I have posted a new report on cordless hand warmers with 3 models for winter 2014 here. Check it out! Sometimes you find things that are just so practical that you wonder why it [...]
26 August 2013
Bolero drink powder without sugar

Quench alternative in a can - powdered drink brings me back to the 80s!

Oh, what did we drink this stuff earlier at the boy scout camps? Whenever it was feeding time, the group leaders were busy tearing open what felt like hundreds of packs of quench powder and then putting them in the huge water tub [...]