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25. May 2020
Fatal Onewheel Accident - Manufacturer's Fault?

Fatal accident puts Onewheel manufacturer Future Motion in distress

A few months ago I bought a Onewheel Pint - a kind of electric skateboard that doesn't have four wheels, but a single, large tire in the middle of the board. In the […]
25. May 2020

Pokémon cookbook and other ideas for Children's Day 2020

Pokémon is a video game, manga and anime series that has existed since 1996 and has not lost any of its fascination for fans. Since the first Game Boy games, which came out in this country in 1999, there have also been [...]
20. May 2020

DIY Geodome kit: Build your own geodesic dome

A geodesic dome, a geodome or a geodesic dome (English) is a construction of triangles that form a hemisphere or sphere - usually as a building. Constructs formed in this way are known from various examples; from the climbing frame [...]
April 28, 2020

RECARO - gaming chairs for ergonomic sitting while gaming (sponsor)

When sitting at the computer for a long time, whether for work in the home office or for video games, an ergonomic piece of furniture should be chosen. The RECARO gaming chairs, for example, have been specially developed for gamers and are more than [...]
April 1, 2020
USB load resistance

USB load resistor: what can it do, what is it intended for?

In my power bank tests, like recently the Charmast power bank, a USB load resistor is regularly used. In this article I would like to explain to you what kind of thing it actually is and what - in my [...]
23. March 2020

Good and cheap (second) monitors for the home office

Have you gone to the home office or even had to move there with your work, you need a good monitor for it. If you were able to take the monitor or screen with you from the office, now you might want to [...]
19. March 2020

PlayStation 5 - Sony reveals technical data (+ comparison to PS4)

Sony announced the technical data of the PlayStation 5 at a very technical and rather boring press conference yesterday. The event aimed primarily at developers and technology freaks, which can be seen from 17:00 p.m. in Central European [...]
17. March 2020

Xbox Series X - Microsoft reveals technical specifications of the console

The Xbox Series X is the upcoming video game console from Microsoft. The manufacturer has now published the technical data of the device. In this post you will find the specs of the 2020 Xbox listed, so that you [...]
10. March 2020

Use Telekom Speedbox LTE IV on the go (test 2)

The Telekom Speedbox LTE IV makes it possible to use the Internet while on the move with access to a socket via the 4G cellular network. For setting up a WLAN network on vacation, while traveling or if the wired network fails [...]
5. March 2020

Wireless HDMI transmission with Hollyland Mars at 1080p @ 60Hz

At events, streaming videos from one source to various monitors or sending images and sound from a mobile camera directly to the director's monitor via radio - this is possible with the Mars products from Hollyland. Especially for filming [...]