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17 November 2020

New anchor projectors: Nebula Solar and Nebula Solar Portable

With the Nebula Solar, Anker has presented a new, compact projector with 1080p Full HD, HDR10 technology, autofocus and 400 ANSI lumens. Integrated in the device are two loudspeakers with 3 watts each and the
6 October 2020

tedee extends the compatibility of smart door locks

The manufacturer tedee is expanding the compatibility of its smart door lock through cooperation with lock cylinder manufacturers. In this way, users can individually equip themselves with the best security class for them. Access rights can then be assigned and withdrawn via the smartphone. [...]
5 October 2020

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit - Pre-order the two sets

Nintendo is currently celebrating the 35th birthday of Super Mario. For the anniversary of “Super Mario Bros.” in 1985 there is, among other things, Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit as an offer for the Switch. [...]
3 October 2020
In the test: The Wuben C3 LED flashlight

In the test: Wuben C3 LED flashlight with USB-C connection

Anyone who grew up with Maglite flashlights like me in the past will understand the fascination I have for the small LED flashlights. In order to get a similar light output with a light bulb Maglite in the past, one was [...]
1 October 2020

Are televisions with 8K resolution currently worthwhile?

TVs with 8K resolution are already available to buy. But are the offers worthwhile at the moment? Are there any media with such a high number of pixels? And are there good arguments for buying an expensive TV [...]
24 September 2020

C64 Maxi and C64 Mini: retro computer with 64 preinstalled games

Anyone who has enjoyed playing video games on the Commodore 64 in the past will be happy about the C64 Maxi or C64 Mini today. With the Apple II, the Commodore 64 got a [...]
16 September 2020
GotWay EX Suspension EUC

GotWay EX - suspension, more speed and range

After KingSong launched electric unicycles with suspension with the KS S18 and Inmotion with the V11, it was only a matter of time before GotWay delivered a suspension model. Thereby [...]
3 September 2020

The difference between volt-amperes (VA) and watts (W) simply explained

Until recently, I always thought that multiplying voltage in volts and amperage in amperes only resulted in watts. But that's not the case. And even if in simplified form volt amperes and [...]
19 August 2020

Driving license class B196: Interesting for e-scooters

Since I am playing with the idea of ​​buying a Vespa-sized e-scooter, I took a look at what you need for a driver's license. With the regular B-Class for cars and Co. you can only [...]
18 August 2020

Why there are no USB-C hubs with multiple USB-C ports

If you look around for USB-C hubs, you will usually only find ones with a maximum of two C ports, several A ports and interfaces for SD cards, HDMI, etc. What I would need, for example, would be a USB-C Hub with ten USB-C ports so that [...]