Gadgets - just not for nerds

29. February 2020
Maintenance-free, batteryless boosters for the car battery

Battery-free jump start with SuperCap capacitors

The topic of jump-start assistance for cars and motorcycles has been on my mind for some time now and I keep coming across new aspects. The trigger was my own positive experience, which I wrote about in my article "Powerbank Startup Help in [...]
20. February 2020

White noise device: sleep aid without iPhone and iPad

So-called "white noise" or fan noises can help you fall asleep more quickly. A corresponding soundscape can also contribute to better concentration at work, when studying or when writing a term paper. The advantage of [...]
17. February 2020

Overview: the suction power of current vacuum robots in comparison

Vacuum cleaner robots, or vacuum robots for short, have been enjoying great popularity for several years. Here in the blog you can find the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Test since 2017 and the Roborock Sweep One S2018 since 50. But then like [...]
13. February 2020
Jump-start power banks especially for motorcycles

The test winners: jump-start power banks for motorcycles - and cars

After I recently received a lot of feedback on my experience report on a car jump-start power bank, I wanted to write something on the subject of jump-start power banks for motorbikes. I just take various tests as an opportunity to [...]
3. February 2020

Nerdy Valentine's Day: gifts for girlfriend and boyfriend in 2020

As in every February, Valentine's Day is surprisingly coming up this year too; so you should mark 14.02.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX in your calendar! If you are still looking for presents for your girlfriend or boyfriend, it will now be [...]
2. February 2020
In the test: The Roav Jump Starter Pro Powerbank

Jump start power bank in the test - it really works!

I've had an eye on power banks with a jump start function for a good two years, but then always thought to myself: How do you want to test it? As a matter of principle, I do not write testimonials about products that I do not seriously [...]
24. January 2020

Desk lighting: Cheap ScreenBar alternatives on Amazon

Last year I introduced you to the BenQ ScreenBar in a test. This is a desk lamp that can be attached to the iMac or computer monitor in such a way that the area in front of it is illuminated, [...]
23. January 2020
air up hydration system photo

In the test: the air up bottle - the odor-drinking system

I know I'm prone to gadgets, and especially those that have a halfway crazy approach. In this case it is a question of a drinking bottle that sells water to the drinker as a drink with taste [...]
13. January 2020 Free templates for the 3D printer

If you want to use or test a 3D printer, you need one thing above all: printable 3D models. You can either create it yourself or download it. The website offers a free option for downloading 3D templates. Of […]
13. January 2020

CES 2020 - Summary of the fair

Last week, the Consumer Electronics Show of this year, CES 2020 for short, took place. The event, which has been held annually in Las Vegas, USA since 1998, produced interesting developments, market guides and innovations. Numerous [...]