Hacking - this is how you make your world easier ...

By hacking I mean improving and simplifying things. This can be the handling of programs or the improvement of hardware by making changes to it that the manufacturer has not actually intended.

For me, hacking has nothing to do with malicious attempts to break into any computer, it is just a word for cleverly altering existing things.

If you also have some good hacks in store, feel free to send them to me.

8. August 2017
Under System Settings -> Mouse the option "Scroll direction: natural" can be deactivated, which since El Capitan has ensured that the mouse scroll direction is suddenly the wrong way round.

Practical tip: Change the scrolling direction of the mouse or trackpad on the Mac

Today I was asked by a reader (Hello Merrit!), Who has just switched her Mac to El Capitan (so that Adobe CS5 is still running), why the mouse scrolling direction is suddenly wrong after the installation [...]
22 JULY 2017
Google Guetzli JPEG Encoder 35% smaller files with good quality, reduce JPEG size make them smaller, maintain quality, fewer artifacts

In the test: Google biscuits compression with ImageOptim image optimizer compared to other JPEG encoders

The free Mac app "ImageOptim" is a little insider tip for people who frequently have to convert image files to the smallest possible file size. The image optimizer includes various compression methods and ultimately selects the one that provides the best compression for [...]
19th of June 2017
VOSO plasma lighter in the test

VOSO plasma lighter with double arc in the test

I have to say, I really love these little USB lighters. Even though I'm neither a smoker nor a pyromaniac. But a penchant for lighters can certainly somehow be traced back to men with the [...]
7th of June 2017

Data backup: backup copy as protection against ransomware

Anyone who regularly backs up their data, i.e. who outsources their files and folders as a backup copy, is more protected from ransomware and its influences than others. Here I would like to briefly show you how the topics of data backup [...]
12. May 2017

WhatsApp chain letter: be careful with warnings, downloads and shock messages

Getting a WhatsApp chain letter is not only annoying, it can also be dangerous (or at least: expensive). If you get a chain letter via WhatsApp that contains a shock message, news about "WhatsApp Gold", a smiley download, a warning [...]
3. May 2017
Mac 2 imgur Screenshot Upload Automatically share screenshots

Share Mac screenshots with the Mac2imgur app

Mac2imgur has been available in the latest build on GitHub since April 2017 and therefore for Apple Mac and MacBook from macOS 10.9 (or OS X 10.9) in the latest version. With Mac2imgur you automatically share or [...]
April 28, 2017
Security, hide cell phone and wallet safely on the beach, protection against theft, tips, valuables on the beach, beach safe, beach safe, Amazon,

Mobile phone on the beach: tips and tricks to stow away your smartphone safely while on vacation

Summer is just around the corner and you're sure to take your smartphone with you on vacation to take and share pictures on the beach, in the mountains, in towns and villages. But […]
April 10, 2017
Photoshop Panic: This is the solution when all windows such as tools and layers have disappeared in Photoshop!

Adobe Photoshop: toolbar, layers, actions - everything gone? Here's the solution!

If the cat has hopped over the keyboard in egomaniac mode again or you fell asleep after the 70th cut-out on the keyboard and afterwards you only found chaos in Photoshop, then [...]
April 5, 2017

Square and curly brackets on the Mac keyboard - macOS shortcuts

The Apple Mac and MacBook keyboard does not display special characters such as square brackets or curly braces. How do you use the individual brackets and other special characters without a long [...]
22. March 2017
iPhone memory full, clear iOS cache, clean up iPad memory, delete apps, remove pictures, recently deleted, settings

iPhone memory full: tips and tricks for more space on the Apple smartphone

If the iPhone memory is full, some people resort to the simplest trick in the world, namely deleting music, pictures, films and similar media. However, there are a few other ways to use the Apple's memory [...]