Hacking - this is how you make your world easier ...

By hacking I mean improving and simplifying things. This can be the handling of programs or the improvement of hardware by making changes to it that the manufacturer has not actually intended.

For me, hacking has nothing to do with malicious attempts to break into any computer, it is just a word for cleverly altering existing things.

If you also have some good hacks in store, feel free to send them to me.

9. February 2016

Followupthen: simple e-mail reminder service also for Mac and iOS

Anyone who knows me or who visits this blog more often knows that I am a friend of simple, but effective solutions to everyday problems. Also and especially when organizing tasks, orders, e-mails, notes [...]
24. January 2016
UltimateFontDownload - Screenshot fonts A

Royalty-free fonts for the Mac for commercial and private use: Ultimate Font Download

Today I was looking for fonts that I can use license-free on the Mac under OS X, for example to create graphics for my blog. The term "license-free" in this context is [...]
20. January 2016
Screenshot installing several fonts on the Mac

Instructions: Install multiple fonts on Mac OS X at once

When moving to a new Mac, you can usually use the migration assistant or manually move the files if you want to do a "clean install". This is recommended if the Mac simply [...]
1. December 2015
Apple Mail Tips and Tricks

Archiving emails in Apple Mail - do I need Mail Steward or EagleFiler?

I have been collecting emails in my Apple Mail for over 10 years. A total of 33 GB of data have come together in the folder in my mailbox and in the end my MacBook has been complaining too little for a while [...]
4. October 2015
After updating to OS X El Capitan, when you start Photoshop CS5 you get this info window with a reference to the old Java Runtime version.

Update problems: Mac OS X El Capitan and Adobe Photoshop CS5

Here is a quick throw-in for those who are still working with Adobe CS5 and are considering an update to OS X El Capitan. For me, the Mac OS X update ran smoothly so far. Only […]
24. September 2015
Finder Preferences All of my files

Instructions: Get "All my files" back into the sidebar under Mac OS X.

I recently noticed that "All My Files" is no longer showing in the windows of my Finder. This view has some advantages, however, because I often forget where files have ended up [...]
30th of June 2015
Apple Music installation

The way to an Apple Music trial subscription - including switching off the automatic renewal

As announced at WWDC 2015, the streaming service "Apple Music" started today (June 30.06.2015th, 17) worldwide. Shortly before 8.4 p.m. there was the update for iOS to version XNUMX in which the service [...]
3. March 2015
Flash logo

More Mac security: Activate click-to-play in Firefox

It is not unknown that the Flash browser plug-in repeatedly offers security loopholes that open the door to hackers' own computers. The last message comes from the beginning of February 2015 and can be read at Heise. [...]
21. January 2015
followupthen logo

Simple e-mail resubmission on the Mac with Apple Mail and the "Followupthen" service

Today I had the case that I found an email interesting, but actually couldn't really "use" it today. I would have been happy if it had just arrived 3 months later, because [...]
14. January 2015
Firefox Logo

Solution: slow Firefox browser slows down the entire Mac

I don't know how many times I've wanted to send the Firefox browser into nirvana because it has become so incredibly slow that you have the feeling that the Mac is running 20 GB of data at the same time in the background [...]