Hacking - this is how you make your world easier ...

By hacking I mean improving and simplifying things. This can be the handling of programs or the improvement of hardware by making changes to it that the manufacturer has not actually intended.

For me, hacking has nothing to do with malicious attempts to break into any computer, it is just a word for cleverly altering existing things.

If you also have some good hacks in store, feel free to send them to me.

1. January 2015
Hocus Focus program icon

Hocus Focus: Free Houdini alternative hides inactive Mac programs

Surely everyone knows the problem: After a few hours of working on the Mac with various programs, more and more windows "garbage" the desktop, so that after a while you completely lose track and only with
18. October 2014
OS X Yosemite screenshot

Mac OS 10.10 - my first impressions and known problems

Actually, after the iOS 8 debacle, which caused me some problems with my iTunes library, I always had to wait 1-2 weeks before installing major updates, what problems [...]
1. August 2014
Notification center status

Temporarily switch off the Notification Center under OS X.

Since some versions of Mac OS X, small message windows appear in the upper right corner. In it you get a message when a new mail has arrived, when Time Machine has mounted a hard drive or when other things [...]
23th of June 2014
John the Ripper

Forgot your password from a Time Machine backup?

A few days ago I received an inquiry from a reader whose MacBook has unfortunately "given up the ghost". So far so bad. Unfortunately, the backups that he made on an external hard drive were saved with [...]
20th of June 2014
XBox 360 controller control panel

Can you install an XBox controller on a Mac?

Question: I would like to play the new Tomb Raider on my Mac, but I find the controls with a gamepad much better than with a mouse and keyboard. Since I still have an XBox 360 game controller, [...]
22. May 2014
Indesign multitouch

Deactivate uncontrollable, annoying scrolling in Indesign

Today a little tip that is based on a problem that I have had for months: The constant uncontrolled scrolling around in an Indesign document. It apparently occurs explicitly when you use your multi-touch Apple mouse [...]
17. March 2014
Leawo Mac DVD Ripper

MAC DVD Ripper from Leawo - my test

Today I picked out software to rip DVDs on Mac. From now on I will always make a copy of the DVDs that our children get their hands on, which [...]
14. December 2013
CoverScout Icon

Add missing covers in iTunes yourself - CoverScout helps!

Yesterday I was in my [iTunes library-> itunes-mediathek] again and put together a few new playlists. On that occasion I noticed how many covers are missing from my CD albums in iTunes - and [...]
10. December 2013
Bresser USB microscope

Operate the Bresser USB microscope with macOS

The Bresser company offers some interesting microscopes which, among other things, also have a USB attachment in the set with which the image of the microscope can be transferred to the computer. One of them is, for example, the [...]
5. December 2013
Delete Apple Mail files

Rebuild the Apple Mail database under OS X Mavericks to macOS Catalina

For a few days now, I've been struggling with Apple's mail program, which closes after a few seconds after it starts. The Apple Support has not been able to help me so far and gave me a support ticket for [...]