Hacking - this is how you make your world easier ...

By hacking I mean improving and simplifying things. This can be the handling of programs or the improvement of hardware by making changes to it that the manufacturer has not actually intended.

For me, hacking has nothing to do with malicious attempts to break into any computer, it is just a word for cleverly altering existing things.

If you also have some good hacks in store, feel free to send them to me.

22. September 2020
Real-time check of the headphone level in dB

iOS 14: How to check headphone volume and ambient noise in real time

I have to say, Apple keeps surprising me with nice little features that weren't even on the screen when I updated iOS 14. I am currently looking forward to the opportunity to check [...]
4. August 2020

MacBook battery won't charge - message may be part of battery health management

At the beginning of June, Apple rolled out macOS 10.15.5 on compatible Mac models. The update for the operating system called Catalina brought, for example, the "battery status management" to newer MacBooks with Thunderbolt 3 ports. The function ensures that the [...]
25th of June 2020
Numbers on Mac: Find and replace in one column

Numbers on Mac: Find and replace only in one column

Today I had the opportunity to become a little smarter myself. The reason for this was a CSV file from my wife, which had listed all euro amounts in a column, but with a point "." were separated and [...]
18th of June 2020
Unrecoverable Error: When the Mac no longer boots

Mac does not boot: Unrecoverable error by TeamViewerAuthPlugin: start

A reader wrote to me today that her Mac no longer boots after throwing TeamViewer off the disk. What exactly happens is the following: The Mac boots, but it won't finish because [...]
17th of June 2020
The CheatSheet app shows keyboard shortcuts for every Mac app.

Mac app CheatSheet: Display keyboard shortcuts from any app

I had read about Stefan Fürst's free CheatSheet app a while ago, but then kept forgetting to try it out. Yesterday I happened to be on the app's website again [...]
15th of June 2020
Firefox about: logins command

about: logins - Firefox tip for quickly searching through login credentials

I am currently testing the Dashlane password manager for my Macs and iOS devices. So far it is doing quite well, but when importing the existing access data from Firefox there seemed to be an "incident" and some access data [...]
9th of June 2020

Tip: Oil leaves against clogged paper shredders

Oil sheets or paper drizzled with paper shredder oil ensure that the blades and rollers of the paper shredder are well lubricated, thus avoiding paper jams. Because the more paper you have folder by folder through the [...]
6th of June 2020
PopClip Mac Extension

Mac tool: PopClip - extremely versatile add-on for highlighted text

I installed the PopClip tool on my Mac years ago - and loved it. After some major macOS update and a related cleaning action, it somehow seems to have disappeared. In any case […]
2th of June 2020
macOS Catalina - free additional fonts

Mac tip: this is how you can download free additional fonts under macOS Catalina

I only recently read the note myself: If you use macOS Catalina, a number of fonts are already installed and activated. There are, however, a number of other fonts that can be obtained for free from [...]
2th of June 2020

Apple MacBook repair - individual service at a fair price

A repair on the Apple MacBook is expensive depending on the defect or damage, at least if you go to Apple directly. Because at the Genius Bar, assemblies are often exchanged instead of just individual elements [...]