Hacking - this is how you make your world easier ...

By hacking I mean improving and simplifying things. This can be the handling of programs or the improvement of hardware by making changes to it that the manufacturer has not actually intended.

For me, hacking has nothing to do with malicious attempts to break into any computer, it is just a word for cleverly altering existing things.

If you also have some good hacks in store, feel free to send them to me.

27. May 2020

Netflix: Better prices and more choice when streaming over VPN

If streaming films and series via Netflix is ​​not cheap enough for you, VPN offers can help keep the price down. Whether new or existing customers, taking out a subscription on foreign terms is theoretically [...]
14. May 2020
Apple Mail tries to send mail all the time

Apple Mail is constantly trying to send email that cannot be deleted

A reader recently wrote to me about a problem with their Mac with Apple Mail. Well, now many will say: It is clear that you have problems using this mail client, but I use [...]
12. May 2020
USB accessories require too much power and are deactivated

Mac problem: USB accessories with high power consumption will be disabled

A reader wrote to me this morning that his Mac threw the following message every time he plugged in the DVD player: USB accessories disabled. Disconnect high-power accessories to activate USB devices. Regardless of which port the device is connected to [...]
11. May 2020
Delete Photoshop Preferences

When Photoshop throws you the Spinning Beachball of Death ...

Since the last two or three macOS versions I've seen the beach ball less and less. Nevertheless, there are some cases in which programs hang up in such a way that nothing more can be done and than [...]
9. May 2020
The Bezier Game

The Bézier Game: Learn to draw paths and curves in Illustrator and Photoshop

Even if my excursions into the world of vector graphics are mostly limited to having to change small things on customer graphics in Illustrator, I still had contact with the [...] from time to time.
7. May 2020
No Access for Zoom

Why I don't zoom in on my Mac ...

I don't want to spoil the meeting software Zoom or revive its security gaps, especially since many of them have long been fixed. I am more concerned with explaining my personal point of view why I am [...]
6. May 2020

What does it cost to repair water damage to MacBook Pro / Air models?

Water damage to the Apple MacBook is not a nice thing. First of all, you should of course switch off the device and take off the power. If water gets into the Mac, it should be removed as soon as possible and the hardware dried [...]
5. May 2020
The macOS information page reveals rather superficial things.

Mac tip: find outdated system extensions (kernel extensions) and remove them

As of macOS Catalina 10.15.4, the operating system has indicated outdated system extensions in individual warning messages that will no longer be supported in the future. The exact wording of the message is this: Older system extension - [...]
April 29, 2020
Mac asks for access for CUH

Mac message: "CUH" wants to access the removable disk

A reader asked me today what to say when his Mac tells him that a program called "CUH" wants access to his removable disk. The message in the pop-up window reads as follows: "CUH" wants to access [...]
April 21, 2020

What are 5 Eyes, 9 Eyes or 14 Eyes countries?

You may have run into the terms “5 Eyes”, “9 Eyes” and “14 Eyes” when you have dealt with privacy or data protection. Perhaps your VPN provider also refers to the one [...]