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I am busy with the iPhone and iPad every day. Both devices offer an incredible number of possibilities and yet they complement each other well. While the iPhone is my constant companion and is intended for short messages, quick research on the Internet or taking photos on the go, I use my iPad at home to write blog articles, edit photos, play games or read the news.

In this category you will find all the posts on my blog that are about one of the two Apple devices.

4. January 2018

Can you use Apple AirPods on Android?

Can you use Apple AirPods on Android, for example as Bluetooth headphones for your smartphone or tablet? - You might ask yourself this question when you are toying with the wireless headphones from Cupertino, but only one [...]
22. December 2017
The fastest, easiest way to charge iPhone X, 8, and 8 Plus? These diagrams of two series of measurements provide information!

The fastest, easiest way to charge iPhone X, 8, and 8 Plus

The ability to charge the battery of the Apple iPhone models X, 8 and 8 Plus faster not only via USB-C Power Delivery, but also wirelessly via Qi technology, not only results in new, rapid charging times, but also [...]
20. December 2017

BOSE SoundLink Micro: waterproof Bluetooth speaker

The BOSE SoundLink Micro is an IPX7-waterproof Bluetooth speaker with microphone, which is not only intended for the clear playback of music, podcast episodes or audio books with bass, but also as a hands-free option for calls, Siri, [... ]
6. December 2017
The scope of delivery of the wireless charger only includes the charging stand, a micro-USB cable and instructions - you don't need more if you still have an old USB power supply unit or an active USB hub available (photos: Sir Apfelot). .

In the test: Qi charger suitable for iPhone X and 8 with case

After my iPhone X finally arrived three days ago, I finally have a device with which I can basically test wireless Qi chargers. One of them is presented right here: For almost 30 [...]
6. December 2017
Syllable D9X Headphones Buy Order Amazon Test Review Review

Test: Syllable D9X - wireless Bluetooth headphones with exchangeable batteries

I already briefly introduced the Syllable D9X Bluetooth headphones without cables and with replaceable batteries in November. The in-ear headphones look similar to a Bluetooth headset for on the go and, thanks to the total of four [...]
5. December 2017
The iMuto SL200QC is a QualComm QuickCharge-compatible power bank that has two USB charging outputs (only one is QC-capable) (photos: Sir Apfelot).

In the test: iMuto 20.000mAh power bank with QuickCharge 3.0

The power bank that I have tested over the last few days is quite a chunk: the iMuto additional battery weighs a full 490 grams and is therefore certainly not the product of choice if [...]
4. December 2017
Belkin USB-C car charger with 36W charging power for car cigarette lighter, smartphone, tablet, notebook charging in the car

Belkin 36W USB-C car charger for quick charging of the iPhone 8 & X (+ alternatives)

In this post I would like to show you the Belkin USB-C car charger with 36W charging power, which you can use for the fast charging function of iPhone X, iPhone 8 (Plus) and other devices. The Belkin car charger gives [...]
15. November 2017
headphone, headphones for iphone 7 iphone 8 iphone x

Reader's question: which headphones to use for the iPhone 7, 8 or iPhone X?

Which headphones can I use for the iPhone 7 (Plus), iPhone 8 (Plus) or iPhone X? - Many people who have previously used jack plugs to connect their smartphones to their ears are sure to ask this question. [...]
13. November 2017
Apple watch charging stations in comparison, extra mobile battery

Mobile UGREEN charging station: Powerbank for iPhone and Apple Watch

Are you looking for a mobile charging station for the Apple Watch and the iPhone? Then the UGREEN Watch charger could be just the thing for you. Optionally with 2.200 mAh battery capacity, USB connection and Apple Watch charging station or [...]
1. November 2017
Erase Apple Watch, reset to factory settings

Reset Apple Watch: Erase data with and without an iPhone

If you want to reset your Apple Watch, you can do this via the corresponding iPhone app or directly via watchOS. Especially if you want to sell or pass on the Apple Watch, it's worth [...]