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I am busy with the iPhone and iPad every day. Both devices offer an incredible number of possibilities and yet they complement each other well. While the iPhone is my constant companion and is intended for short messages, quick research on the Internet or taking photos on the go, I use my iPad at home to write blog articles, edit photos, play games or read the news.

In this category you will find all the posts on my blog that are about one of the two Apple devices.

11. November 2016
iphone 6 battery replacement instructions guide

Changing the iPhone 6 battery: Replace it yourself

If you want to change the iPhone 6 battery, you can get extensive help online and in the form of battery packs and other accessories. After more than two years on the market, you can [...]
9. November 2016
powerbank cheaper amazon lightning offer mobile battery external battery iphone smartphone ipad

Amazon lightning offer: Powerbank with 22.400 mAh for only 18,99 euros!

At Amazon you can currently get a power bank with an incredible 22.400 mAh for only 18,99 euros for a short time only. The part with three connections usually costs a good 29,99 euros. If you look at the one below [...]
4. November 2016
heart rate monitor heart rate measuring headphones sport test sports headphones

Stiftung Warentest: Headphones with pulse measurement found in the test to be in need of improvement

In the current test magazine of Stiftung Warentest (issue 11/2016) there were two pages full of information on three heart rate measuring headphones from different manufacturers. These sports headphones with heart rate monitors were tested: SMS Audio Biosport, Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless, Bragi [...]
3. November 2016
At one end of the adapter you will find the Lightning socket and the 3,5 mm headphone connection ...

For the iPhone 7: Lightning to Lightning and headphones adapter allows you to charge and listen to music at the same time

It was known long before the release: The iPhone 7 or 7 Plus will no longer have a headphone jack and will only have a Lightning connector. Of course I knew that too, and yet I am [...]
1. November 2016
jabra elite sport 2016 new headphones

Jabra Elite Sport True Wireless: Bluetooth wireless sports headphones

With the Jabra Elite Sport True Wireless headphones for sporty users, the manufacturer Jabra combines its 16 years of Bluetooth experience with good sound and sophisticated technology. The sports headphones can be used with iOS devices, ie with [...]
28. October 2016
ravpower usb lightning stick iphone memory expand external memory ipad ios apple

RAVPower RP-IM005 DE charging cable and 64 GB USB stick with Lightning connector

The iPhone brings more and more internal storage with it, which is to be welcomed, since an expansion via an SD card is not made possible by Apple. However, if you are traveling with older or the cheaper new models, you can [...]
24. October 2016
syllable d900 mini bluetooth headphones

Syllable D900 MINI: Alternative to Apple AirPods or cheap copy?

Since September 13, 2016, Amazon has had the Syllable D900 MINI in-ear headphones in its range. There are now numerous reviews as well as official tests in specialist magazines for this apparently very good AirPods alternative. Good reasons […]
24. October 2016
Aukey's iPhone Macro Object in detail. You can clearly see the coating of the lens surface, which should help against reflections, flares and ghosting.

In the test: The AUKEY iPhone macro lens to clip on for iPhone 6 and iPhone 7

I am always a little disappointed when I want to take macro shots with the iPhone. Even with the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6, it was problematic to get close to an object. The autofocus [...]
21. October 2016
The Quad Lock Case and the matching packaging - now available for the iPhone 7 Plus!

Quad Lock case for the iPhone 7/7 Plus - finally arrived!

Anyone who has followed my blog before may have stumbled upon the report on the Quad Lock Case. I still use this mobile phone case - since the iPhone 5 - and am completely [...]
19. October 2016
mobile photo printer iphone ipad macbook printer comparison instant camera instant camera hp polaroid fujitsu

Print photos on the go: Mobile photo printer for iPhone, iPad and MacBook

Printing photos yourself is no longer a problem in drugstores, electronics stores or at home. But spontaneously printing a photo on the go, on vacation or in another situation, that's not yet the case [...]