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I am busy with the iPhone and iPad every day. Both devices offer an incredible number of possibilities and yet they complement each other well. While the iPhone is my constant companion and is intended for short messages, quick research on the Internet or taking photos on the go, I use my iPad at home to write blog articles, edit photos, play games or read the news.

In this category you will find all the posts on my blog that are about one of the two Apple devices.

19. November 2014
Clip-on microscope iPhone 6

Interesting gadget: clip-on light microscope lens attachment for the Apple iPhone

Macro shots can always inspire me. Microscope images are usually even better. But since I don't want to buy a microscope to be able to take such pictures, I just took a look [...]
15. November 2014
Retro cassette case for iPhone 5

Funny and unusual: iPhone 5 protective cases that are fun

Personally, I prefer subtle cases for my iPhone, but there are very nice and original cases that are sure to be interesting for one or the other. Of course, all of this is also rather [...]
2. November 2014
S.MART heart rate belt set

In the test: SMART chest strap for the iPhone 6/6 plus as well as the models 5 / 5s and 4s

I've been using the iPhone for my sporadic running training since the 4th model. So far I hadn't felt the need to record my heart rate. For this reason I have always run without a heart rate belt [...]
16. September 2014
iPhone 6 case from JETech

Order the best iPhone 6 cases under 10 EUR directly from Amazon

The iPhone 6 has not been announced for long, several millions of Apple smartphones have been pre-ordered and the trade in iPhone cases is already in full swing. For this reason I would like to briefly [...]
7. September 2014
Glif for iPhone 6

Does the current GLIF camera mount fit the iPhone 6?

I asked myself this question today, because my old Glif + has been missing in some corner for a while and now the new iPhone 6 is due in a few days, which I [...]
17 JULY 2014
Mono-clip iPhone lens

Monoklip II clip-on lens set for the iPhone

A few weeks ago I was able to test the mono clip set (version 2) with clip-on lenses for the iPhone 5 / 5s (found at It is a metal frame that you put on the iPhone. This covers [...]
6. May 2014
Morpheus Labs Alpha Stylus

iPad Stylus Morpheus Labs Alpha in a practical test

Today there was a nice surprise in the mail: A test copy of the Morpheus Labs Alpha Stylus MLS002 in silver. Yes, I know ... "nobody needs a stylus", because everyone who has an iPad probably also has [...]
April 23, 2014
Artcover protective cover Sir Apfelot

Artcover - design your own mobile phone cases with your own picture

Anyone who is a little iPhone freak like me certainly knows that you can never have enough gadgets, accessories and, of course, cases. I control my drone with the iPhone, I absolutely had to have a blue [...]
28. March 2014
Scope of delivery iFixTheButton

iPhone 4 home button repair for technology dummies

Of the four iPhone 4 models that are still in use among my friends, only three have the home button gate. For those who are not in the picture: The home button seems to be particularly visible on the 4-series iPhone [...]
22. December 2013
easyAcc on the collar

easyAcc U-Bright: Handy 3000 mAh power bank with flashlight

The idea is actually obvious: you connect a mobile charger, which is already a battery, with an LED flashlight. The result is the EasyAcc U-Bright. In terms of size, this [additional battery for iPhone-> additional iphone battery] or [...]