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I am busy with the iPhone and iPad every day. Both devices offer an incredible number of possibilities and yet they complement each other well. While the iPhone is my constant companion and is intended for short messages, quick research on the Internet or taking photos on the go, I use my iPad at home to write blog articles, edit photos, play games or read the news.

In this category you will find all the posts on my blog that are about one of the two Apple devices.

2. August 2021

iPhone 8 (Plus) Hard Reset - Force restart

Do you have to force the iPhone 8 to restart because the display does not respond, the home button doesn't do anything or an app has a resource-guzzling bug? Then the iPhone 8 Hard Reset will help you with [...]
12 JULY 2021

iPhone search function: Use Spotlight functions on your smartphone

On the Apple Mac you can call up the Spotlight search bar with cmd + space bar. But how does it work on the iPhone? How do you find the iPhone search function and what functions does it fulfill? I will answer these questions for you in this [...]
5 JULY 2021
Test: 2-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand from Choetech

In the test: Choetech 2-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand

The manufacturer Choetech recently sent me a magnetic charging stand for the iPhone 12 models and AirPods (or other headphones), which can be charged wirelessly. The device was given to me free of charge for the test [...]
5 JULY 2021

Apple Music App - Where's the Sleep Timer?

Do you also like to listen to music, audio books or radio plays to help you fall asleep? Then you probably know the problem that some apps do not offer an automatic switch-off. In the Apple Music app on the iPhone, I recently also failed to [...]
28th of June 2021

iPad tripod: iPad stand for photography, video conferencing, and more

With an iPad tripod it is possible to mount the Apple tablet at different heights. This can be necessary if it is to be used for photos or videos. But it can also be useful for a video conference [...]
28th of June 2021

iPhone 11 Hard Reset - Force Restart

In rare cases, the iPhone freezes so that nothing works anymore. The display then no longer allows any entries and key combinations for switching off or restarting no longer work. However, there is a key combination that [...]
20th of June 2021
Jiga GN1 Powerbank in the test

In the test: Jiga GN1 power bank with 30.000 mAh, LED flashlight and Lightning charging connection

I don't know how many power banks are in my office. It must be around twenty or thirty. And my previous additional battery, which I prefer to work with, is the Zendure A8PD. [...]
16th of June 2021

iPhone SE (2nd Gen) hard reset - force restart

If you have to force a hard reset on the iPhone SE 2, then you've come to the right place. Because in the following you will find the instructions for the forced restart on the iPhone SE from 2020. These are [...]
15th of June 2021

Features in iOS 15 that require an iPhone XR, XS or later

The iPhone operating system iOS 15, which was introduced last week and will be rolled out as an update for compatible devices in autumn 2021, brings with it various new features and options. You can use iOS 15 on all devices that [...]
15th of June 2021

iOS 12.5.4 - Apple releases update for older iPhones and iPads

iPhone and iPad models that are not compatible with the current operating system versions can still be used. For example with iOS 12. Apple has published a security update for this purpose, which is intended to eliminate three vulnerabilities at once. Recommended […]