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I am busy with the iPhone and iPad every day. Both devices offer an incredible number of possibilities and yet they complement each other well. While the iPhone is my constant companion and is intended for short messages, quick research on the Internet or taking photos on the go, I use my iPad at home to write blog articles, edit photos, play games or read the news.

In this category you will find all the posts on my blog that are about one of the two Apple devices.

April 6, 2021

Record iPhone videos at 25 fps: Here's how!

Depending on the resolution, you can record videos on the Apple iPhone with 24, 30 or 60 frames per second. This value - which can climb to 240 in slow motion recordings - is also used as frames per second [...]
April 5, 2021

Boximize App for iPhone and iPad: More than just taking notes

Boximize is an app recommendation for everyone who is missing some functions in the Notes app on the Apple iPhone or iPad. Because in Boximize you can create categories, store notes in them and clearly organize them with text, image, [...]
April 2, 2021

iOS trick: hide photos and hide "hidden" folder

For screen sharing from the home office, when you lend the iPhone to someone, when you don't want to show the family all the pictures, and so on - there are several reasons to want to hide photos on the iPhone. [...]
April 1, 2021

Conference call on the iPhone: merge and manage calls

A conference call on the iPhone is not a problem if you have the option of making entries on the display while making a call. So it becomes difficult when just using a headset or AirPods or when driving a car. [...]
31. March 2021
Recover iCloud data

How can I restore iCloud?

Most Mac or iPhone users feel safe when using iCloud, thinking that this data cannot go away. In practice, however, this sometimes happens and then the horror [...]
29. March 2021

Add GMX Freemail Account to Mail on the iPhone

Here are the instructions for adding a GMX account to Apple Mail on the iPhone. This email provider does not appear in the standard list of providers supported by Mail. But that doesn't matter, you can still use it [...]
29. March 2021

iOS 14 trick: Hide the home screen (s) for more clarity / privacy

The home screen is the area in the iOS operating system on the Apple iPhone that shows you your apps and on which you can place widgets. The home screen is - if no app is currently active - [...]
25. March 2021

iOS 14 trick: let the battery level be announced when connecting / disconnecting from the mains

In this guide I will show you how to get Siri on the iPhone with iOS 14 to announce the battery level when connecting or disconnecting the Apple smartphone from the mains. In this way you can hear [...]
25. March 2021

Apple highlights the "Ceramic Shield" display in new iPhone 12 advertising

Apple has published a new commercial primarily about the "Ceramic Shield" display used in the iPhone 12 series. In the 30 second short video we see a woman who is on the phone and who [...]
20. March 2021
Can you talk to Siri?

Can i talk to Siri? And how do I activate Siri?

Of course you can talk to Siri, at least by giving her orders or asking her about certain things. However, anyone who hopes to have a longer conversation with Siri will likely be disappointed. Mostly […]