Mac accessories

6. September 2021

elementary OS - Nice alternative to Windows and macOS

If you want to equip your (old) Windows PC or an Apple Mac with a Linux distribution designed for users, you should take a look at elementary OS. Like the handsome Linux Mint, this operating system is based on Ubuntu. Optical [...]
6. September 2021

Big Mac 2 - install macOS Monterey on an old Apple Mac Pro

With almost every new macOS operating system for the Apple Mac, older computers from the manufacturer are gradually falling out of the compatibility list. If you still dare to take the step and have the latest system on a [...]
26. August 2021

Apple patent: MacBook with virtual keyboard on second screen

Instead of a folding iPhone or iPad with its own keyboard, Apple could adopt a completely new concept in the future: a MacBook with a second screen on which a virtual keyboard can be used. A corresponding patent has [...]
25. August 2021

Time Machine snapshots - that's what snapshots on the Mac can do!

Snapshots, or even snapshots, which are made by the "Time Machine" backup mechanism on the Apple Mac, offer the best conditions for restoring old data. In order for them to work, the APFS (Apple File System) file system is required, which [...]
16. August 2021

Satechi USB-C hub for iMac and iMac Pro with Thunderbolt 3

If you use an Apple iMac (2017 to 2020) or the Apple iMac Pro (2017), you might be missing a few connections. With the Satechi USB-C hub you can change that to save space. Not only does the junction box [...]
5. August 2021

Replace MacBook Pro battery

Replacing a MacBook Pro battery is not that easy and not recommended for private users without the necessary knowledge. If, however, the battery of your Apple laptop continues to run down and you use the device without a power supply [...]
4. August 2021

3-2-1 vs. 3-2-1-1-0 vs. 4-3-2 - different backup strategies explained

Having a backup means not having a backup - at least the various backup strategies that I will explain to you in this guide are based on this truism. Because backups are always important - if the computer [...]
3. August 2021

A dead M1 MacBook Air and what you can learn from it

No technical device, no matter how well made, is immune from having a defect and from now on stop working. A story by Tan Han Wei at Medium shows this very clearly [...]
15 JULY 2021
Apple Mail no longer in the Share menu

Share option in Apple Mail on Mac is no longer available

Several times a day I use the option of right-clicking on a file, then using the "Share" option in the context menu and then selecting "Mail". As a result, a new email will open [...]
2 JULY 2021

Mac trick: Calculate and convert with Spotlight

Spotlight is Mac's internal search engine that can be used to find folders, files, apps, websites, dictionary entries, and more. But the search bar, which you can call up with cmd + space bar, offers other possibilities for use. To the […]