Mac accessories

30. November 2021
Start Photoshop on the M1 Mac with Rosetta

[solved] Photoshop plugin / filter no longer appears on Apple Silicon M1 Mac

Today I had another strange experience that I would like to describe here - in the hope that there will be more people who have this problem and are therefore happy about the solution. Of the […]
30. November 2021

Thanks to silicone pads: M1 MacBook Air almost as fast as the Pro model

Last year Apple presented its first MacBook models with “Apple Silicon”, a SoC that combines CPU and GPU, among other things. Both the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro from 2020 have the M1 [...]
12. November 2021

Attachable USB-C hub for the M1-iMac

From Satechi we have already introduced you to a USB-C hub that can be clamped to the case for the Intel iMac up to 2020. In the meantime there is also a model for the M1-iMac with a 24-inch screen from 2021. The Satechi USB-C hub [...]
10. November 2021

Monterey installation on Mac with T2 chip seems safe

At the beginning of last week we reported that installing macOS 12 Monterey on Mac, iMac, MacBook and other models of Apple computers could cause problems. Is a T2 chip installed, which is what [...]
9. November 2021

MacBook Pro 2021 crashes because of YouTube - solution to problem

The new models of the Apple MacBook Pro and their displays invite you to watch HDR videos on YouTube. But if you scroll through the comments of the video during this time, you might get a kernel error and [...]
4. November 2021

Buy a backpack, bag or laptop sleeve for the MacBook Pro 16 ″

The current Apple MacBook Pro with 16-inch display and M1 Pro or M1 Max is the ideal laptop for performing computationally intensive tasks on the go. For mobile use and the necessary transport of the expensive laptop [...]
4. November 2021

Buy a sleeve, backpack or laptop bag for the MacBook Pro 14 ″

The MacBook Pro with 14-inch display, which Apple launched in October 2021, is a laptop that is well suited for mobile use. For the transport of the not entirely cheap device [...]
2. November 2021

Upgrade to macOS Monterey: Mac no longer works (+ possible solution)

There are a number of older Apple computers that can be equipped with macOS 12 Monterey. Most of them do not have an M1 chip, but an Intel CPU. These models currently seem particularly susceptible to a [...]
2. November 2021

Apple Configurator 2: Make a "dead" Intel Mac with T2 chip usable again

Especially after the release of a new "Monterey" macOS system from Apple, there are increasing reports of Macs that apparently have not been able to cope with the upgrade. After a macOS update (within the same major version) or after a macOS upgrade (advancement [...]
2. November 2021

Battery values ​​of the MacBook Pro 2021: Wh, V and mAh

Apple mostly keeps a low profile with regard to the precise technical values ​​of components in its devices. If you look at the data sheets for the new laptops, you will find rounded figures in watt hours. But what is, [...]