Mac accessories

17th of June 2021
Instead of hibernation, the Mac logs the user off completely

Instead of hibernation: Mac closes all programs and unsaved documents are lost

My wife always has the funniest little problems with her Mac, while my Mac usually works without a hitch. For me this is very practical, because I keep feeding [...]
17th of June 2021

Cool laptops in the heatwave - laptop coolers with prime shipping

The heat is finding its way into Central Europe and anyone who works on a laptop in the office or home office can therefore face performance drops. I personally always notice that on my old MacBook Pro from 2012 when the [...]
8th of June 2021

Is my Mac compatible with macOS Monterey?

Yesterday, Apple presented the new Mac operating system macOS Monterey as part of the WWDC21 keynote. The successor to macOS Big Sur brings a few exciting new features and adjustments to Mac, iMac, MacBook and Co.
6th of June 2021
iMac fan is constantly loud

Solution: iMac fans are loud and run continuously

Until now, I always thought that it was due to a defective or improperly connected temperature sensor when the fans on the iMac are running at full speed. Today, however, I learned that something else - completely [...]
2th of June 2021

Advisory: These HP printers are compatible with the M1 iMac (24-inch, 2021)

If you've bought the latest Apple iMac with an M1 chip and 24-inch display, you might be looking for the right accessories. In order to be able to print, scan and fax documents, photos, flyers and other documents, [...]
10. May 2021

Leak: New MacBook Air as colorful as the 24-inch iMac?

One of the sources that leaked in advance that the new iMac would appear in different colors is Jon Prosser. With regard to the same information providers as before, the latter has now made the claim that [...]
7. May 2021

iMac or MacBook Pro won't start? That may be the reason!

If the MacBook won't start or the iMac won't turn on, it doesn't have to be caused by irreparable damage or a broken display. Here you will find tips and tricks with which you can [...]
4. May 2021
macOS 11.3.1 security update

macOS 11.3.1 security update for macOS Big Sur closes two critical security holes

Apple just seems to be throwing around with updates. A good week after the macOS 11.3 update, the next macOS Big Sur update arrived. This time it is [...]
April 29, 2021
macOS Big Sur 11.3 update

macOS Big Sur 11.3 update available - you should know that

The new update to macOS 11.3 has been available for the Mac operating system macOS Big Sur for a few days. For me it was only suggested yesterday by the Mac itself and appeared as a red pin on the [...]
April 21, 2021

The new 24 ″ iMac with an M1 chip

The new iMac was presented at yesterday's Apple event. The rumors about its colorful design were confirmed. However, the design is completely new. One of the reasons for this is that the new Apple iMac [...]